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Re: Czech trial record?

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    Dear Eric, Fascinating stuff! I recall from Radzhinsky s biography of Stalin based on the Soviet archives that Stalin had been planning a mass deportation of
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      Dear Eric,

      Fascinating stuff! I recall from Radzhinsky's
      biography of Stalin based on the Soviet archives
      that Stalin had been planning a mass deportation of
      Soviet Jews to Siberia shortly before he died.
      Apparently he had made up his mind, but the Jewish
      doctors killed him before he could execute the
      plan. Radzhinsky calls this a "second holocaust"
      (which I suppose is accurate, since the first
      "holocaust" only involved deportation to labour
      camps, not mass extermination) and attributes
      divine intervention as killing him and saving the
      Jews. Of course, if the Jews go on behaving as
      they have, they've only been paroled for about half
      a century :-)



      >Dear Kevin,
      >Kind of by accident I discovered that the Library of
      >Congress has a 299-page book published in Prague,
      >Czechoslovakia in 1953 (in English, apparently)
      >"Court proceedings before the senate of the State
      >Court in Prague against the leadership of the
      >Anti-State conspiratorial center headed by Rudolf
      >I don't know if any other library in the US has a copy
      >of that book; if so I can't find any. It's not even
      >catalogued at the Library of Congress, but seems to be
      >in the reading room of their law library, so I don't
      >know if I can get it on interlibrary loan, but I have
      >submitted a request through my university.
      >The significance of it is that Slansky was the head of
      >the Czechoslovak Communist Party at the time and his
      >conspiracy charge linked him specifically with some
      >sort of Zionist plotting, probably in league with the
      >Slansky was convicted and executed. There are other
      >books about the trial - all by authors with Jewish
      >names and one by his wife and some by the Jewish
      >Agency itself. I haven't done more than look at one
      >or two in the past and of course the trial is put down
      >to "Stalinist anti-Semitic paranoia," and so the books
      >are written as if the charges were too obviously false
      >to deserve refutation (just as the holohoax is too
      >obviously "true" to require any evidence) and the
      >whole proceeding is presented as a malicious frameup
      >with no attempt being made to go into the substance of
      >the charges.
      >The accounts are put something like: "Stalin changed
      >his mind again and decided to launch a pogrom of the
      >Jews and a convenient way to get at them was to charge
      >them with Zionism, so charges were trumped up."
      >But I don't think that "Stalin changed his mind" for
      >no reason and I am eager to see exactly what Slansky
      >was charged with, and how their plot was supposedly
      >working. I know that the trial itself might not meet
      >the standards of bourgeois justice, but subsequent
      >developments in the socialist countries indicate that
      >some sort of plotting WAS going on and that the Jewish
      >leaders of CPs in eastern Europe were up to their ears
      >in Zionist activity.
      >So, we'll see, first it I can actually get hold of a
      >copy of that book and then, if there's anything of
      >interest in it. I suspect there will be, though
      >mainstream historians will naturally be totally
      >dismissive of another "purge trial" record.
      >Unfortunately, later, I think during the bourgeois
      >"Prague spring" in 1968, the Czechoslovak CP
      >rehabilitated Slansky and said he was slandered, etc.,
      >etc., and that the whole case was Stalinist violation
      >of socialist legality, etc., etc. So all their
      >official books from the 1970s and after totally
      >exhonerate the guy and even before, it was kind of
      >swept under the rug as some sort of Stalinism that
      >Khrushchyov didn't want to continue.
      >It was the first anti-Zionist trial in the socialist
      >countries, apparently. And in the USSR, the Jewish
      >doctors who were all arrested as conspirators with the
      >Zionists and USA were all released on the day that
      >Comrade Stalin died. So they never came to trial and
      >we have little knowledge of the substance of that.
      >Zionists whine that they were persecuted in the
      >socialist countries but obviously they weren't
      >persecuted nearly enough, so I would really like to
      >get a record of this.
      >David Irving isn't interested in this angle of
      >revisionist research, because it violates the
      >right-wing falacy that Communist = Jew, and the IHR is
      >probably even less inclined in that direction than
      >Irving is. But I know that there are some of us who
      >are interested and could benefit from a study of that
      >I'll keep you posted.
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