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    ... Dear Eric, Many thanks for this report. Despite the late hour, I shall forward it at once, as I m sure given the reported capture of President Hussein,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >Below is the latest Iraqi Resistance Report.

      Dear Eric,

      Many thanks for this report. Despite the late hour,
      I shall forward it at once, as I'm sure given the
      reported capture of President Hussein, events in
      Iraq are on everyone's mind.

      >Regarding the Arab Nationalist list, quite a storm
      >seems to have been stirred up again. Race and race
      >mixing and "race-treason" are not concepts that go
      >down well in Arab and Islamic circles. Of course
      >they're not my sort of thought categories either. As
      >Ibrahim noted, the Arabs are bound together by
      >language, culture, geography and lots of other things,
      >but not race, so it's a sensitive issue and comes off
      >as divisive, I think.
      >Over all, though, it seems your opponents have been
      >inclined to read very hurriedly or superficially,
      >since they object repeatedly and vehemently to things
      >you never said, and seem to draw conclusions that are
      >totally unwarranted.

      Well attempts to form a red-brown-green alliance for
      smashing imperialism necessitate addressing these
      issues somehow, particularly when the mere mention
      that certain groups have offered assistance causes
      one to be branded a racist and a neo-Nazi. You and
      Ibrahim are more diplomatic than I. Still, I've
      done what I could to make yet another statement that
      I hope will calm matters a bit.



      >Iraqi Resistance Report for Thursday, 11 December 2003
      >through Sunday, 14 December 2003. Translated and/or
      >compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board
      >of the Free Arab Voice.
      >Thursday, 11 December 2003.
      >One American occupation soldier was killed and 14
      >others wounded when three martyrdom attackers driving
      >a furniture truck blew themselves up at the gates of a
      >US occupation army base in ar-Ramadi, 100km west of
      >Baghdad, on Thursday.
      >All day Thursday the US military refused to provide
      >information on casualties resulting from the attack
      >and only late in the evening produced the official
      >tally of one dead and 14 injured.
      >The three martyrdom attackers were also killed.
      >A spokeswoman for the occupation forces said that the
      >Resistance attack occurred at the 82nd Airborne
      >Division base at about 1:30pm
      >Three wounded soldiers were evacuated from the
      >headquarters of the 82nd Airborne Division west of
      >Baghdad to a combat hospital and the other 11 wounded
      >were treated and returned to duty, the US occupation
      >forces reported.
      >Thursday, the American military reported one US
      >occupation soldier drowned and another was missing
      >after a patrol boat accident on the Tigris River in
      >Baghdad. "The soldiers were conducting routine
      >patrols on the Tigris River when one of the soldiers
      >fell overboard, and the other soldier jumped in to
      >save him," the US imperial Central Command said in a
      >statement. The incident occurred Wednesday, and the
      >drowned soldier from the Army's 1st Armored Division
      >was found Thursday morning, the statement said.
      >Agence France Presse reported that in Baghdad, two
      >journalists from the US weekly newsmagazine Time and
      >two American soldiers were wounded by a grenade
      >explosion while on a military patrol in Baghdad, a
      >military spokesman revealed on Thursday. "They were
      >participating in a patrol in the 1/AD [i.e., 1st
      >Armored Division] area in Baghdad along with two other
      >soldiers," he told a press briefing on Thursday. "An
      >individual threw a grenade into the Humvee." One of
      >the journalists was seriously hurt and the other
      >slightly in the A'zamiya area of north Baghdad at
      >about 10:00 pm (1900 GMT) on Wednesday, according to
      >the spokesman. Both men were to be transferred to a
      >hospital in Germany.
      >Time senior correspondent Michael Weisskopf and
      >contributing photographer James Nachtwey were
      >traveling with a US occupation army patrol in Baghdad
      >on Wednesday night when the attack occurred, a
      >statement from Time managing editor Jim Kelly said.
      >A military spokesman said they were with a unit of the
      >Army's 1st Armored Division.
      >In response to the rising tide of Resistance struggle,
      >US occupation forces staged raids and searches in the
      >cities of al-Fallujah and Tikrit. The occupiers meted
      >out harsh treatment to local civilians arresting
      >dozens who were taken off to interrogation sessions.
      >Women and children were terrorized as the Americans
      >fired automatic weapons into the doors of houses to
      >break them down, and then ransacked the homes as
      >helicopter gunships hovered menacingly overhead and
      >warplanes broke the sound barrier and fired missiles
      >around the area being raided in an effort to spread
      >panic. Residents of al-Fallujah were quoted by the
      >Jordanian daily al-Arab al-Yawm as saying that the
      >behavior of the occupation forces was unbearable and
      >unacceptable, noting that the atmosphere in the city
      >was now tense in the extreme. One said that the
      >situation in al-Fallujah is now like the calm before a
      >In Tikrit, occupation forces claimed to have arrested
      >three commanders in the Saddam's Fedayeen Resistance
      >organization and to have confiscated large quantities
      >of weapons and explosives during a campaign of raids
      >and searches in the city where again the population
      >was terrorized and various forms of intimidation were
      >employed by the aggressor occupation forces against
      >unarmed civilians including women and children.
      >In Baaqubah US occupation forces together with puppet
      >police raided a number of buildings and arrested 16
      >men. Twenty-eight AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles
      >were seized as well as what was described as
      >"bomb-making materials."
      >Shortly after these raids a hand grenade was thrown
      >from one of the houses wounding an American occupation
      >soldier. After the attack the aggressor troops
      >returned and arrested two individuals.
      >Ghazi at-Talabani, director of the puppet Northern
      >Field Protection Force, which guards oil pipelines in
      >northern Iraq on behalf of the occupation forces, said
      >an explosion set a pipeline ablaze, forcing officials
      >to halt the flow. He said the pipeline links the
      >Bayji refinery in northern Iraq with the ad-Dura
      >refinery near Baghdad.
      >An official of the US occupation forces, speaking on
      >condition of anonymity, said a pipeline between Bayji
      >and ad-Dura was sabotaged late Tuesday or early
      >Wednesday. It was unclear, the Associated Press
      >reported, whether the official was referring to the
      >same incident.
      >Iraqi Resistance forces wounded two members of the
      >Iraqi puppet so-called Civil Defence Force Thursday in
      >separate attacks in the Baaqubah region, 60km
      >northeast of Baghdad, an occupation security source
      >and one of the victims said.
      >Mohammed Shannan, 35, suffered bullet wounds in the
      >stomach and leg in a drive-by shooting at 8:00 am
      >(0500 GMT) as he was leaving his house, puppet police
      >Lieutenant Shaker Mahmud said. The incident occurred
      >20km west of Baaqubah, he added.
      >In Baaqubah itself, 'Uday Subhi told AFP he was
      >wounded in the foot when a grenade thrown by
      >Resistance fighters exploded. The incident followed
      >search operations in which he took part in the Tahrir
      >residential quarter in the centre of town.
      >In Samarra', north of Baghdad, two members of the
      >puppet so-called Civil Defense Corps were shot and
      >killed overnight while on patrol, witnesses said
      >The American newspaper The Washington Post reported on
      >Thursday that the United States Central Intelligence
      >Agency (CIA) is working to set up an Iraqi
      >intelligence service to spy on groups and individuals
      >inside Iraq that are targeting US occupation troops
      >and collaborators. The paper quoted unidentified
      >American officials as saying that the CIA plans to set
      >up the new service with help from Jordan. Two members
      >of an Iraqi exile group are at CIA headquarters in
      >Virginia this week to work out details of the new
      >program, the Post said.
      >The Washington Post story said that Iraqi puppet
      >"Interior Minister" Nouri Badran, whom it described as
      >a secular Shiite Muslim, has been selected to be the
      >initial head of the service. Badran has collaborated
      >with the CIA over the past decade to incite coups
      >against the Iraqi government of President Saddam
      >Hussein. Badran and fellow Iraqi exile Ayad Alawi
      >hope to recruit former officials of the Saddam Hussein
      >regime for the service, an approach opposed by some
      >Pentagon officials and Ahmed Chalabi, head of the
      >Iraqi National Congress, the Post said.
      >As the Iraqi Resistance Report noted among the events
      >of Wednesday, 10 December 2003, one US Apache
      >helicopter was shot down by the Iraqi Resistance near
      >Mosul. The Associated Press on Thursday published
      >reports that shed light on how the occupation military
      >seek to cover up their loses in Iraq by labeling them
      >as "accidents" and "malfunctions."
      >Although, as the Iraqi Resistance Report noted, an
      >eyewitness told the Jordanian paper al-Arab al-Yawm
      >that the helicopter was brought down by a missile, the
      >AP reported that initially an American "military
      >spokesman had insisted that the helicopter was forced
      >to crash land Wednesday because of mechanical failure
      >and that the uninjured crew reported no ground fire.
      >But a commander later said that he didn't know whether
      >ground fire brought down the 101st Airborne Division
      >helicopter. The Apache came down near a highway south
      >of Mosul, Iraq's third-largest city. Troops guarding
      >the site Thursday morning said the chopper had been
      >hit by enemy fire. They asked not to be identified."
      >(See AP report:
      >Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      >Jordan, Friday, 12 December 2003.
      >Friday, 12 December 2003.
      >The Iraqi Resistance fired a salvo of mortar shells at
      >the headquarters of the occupation troops shortly
      >after midnight on Friday morning in the first attack
      >against the US occupiers' seat of power since the
      >Americans mounted a massive counteroffensive against
      >the Resistance last month.
      >Loud explosions boomed through central Baghdad and
      >sirens wailed in the compound housing the headquarters
      >of the US-led occupation forces. Smoke rose inside the
      >compound, known as the "Green Zone." A spokeswoman
      >for the occupation forces, speaking on condition of
      >anonymity, said US officials were aware of explosions
      >but did not know the location.
      >A spokesman for the occupation forces said he heard
      >three explosions. "I heard what appeared to be
      >incoming mortar rounds," Charles Krohn, a U.S. defense
      >spokesman, said by telephone from his room inside the
      >Green Zone. "I was shaken and I heard a couple of
      >thumps. I felt the vibrations." The Green Zone is
      >surrounded by 2-meter high concrete walls.
      >Residents in the city reported hearing four explosions
      >and saw at least two columns of smoke rising from near
      >the building of the American command on the west bank
      >of the Tigris River. News agencies reported that four
      >mortar rounds landed on the headquarters causing
      >damage to some of the buildings. Two American
      >occupation troops were wounded by shrapnel from the
      >mortar shells according to a statement by one US
      >military spokesperson. A military spokeswoman
      >maintained however that the injuries were slight and
      >none was life threatening.
      >Iraqi Resistance fighters detonated a bomb alongside a
      >US military occupation convoy west of Baghdad on
      >Friday, killing one soldier and wounding two others,
      >the military said. The bomb attack occurred at 6:30
      >a.m. in ar-Ramadi, about 60 miles west of the Iraqi
      >capital, the US imperial Central Command said. One of
      >the injured soldiers was evacuated to a combat
      >hospital and died of his wounds. His name, and the
      >names of the wounded, were withheld pending
      >notification of next of kin.
      >Separately, another soldier died in Baghdad from what
      >was described as a "non-hostile" gunshot wound.
      >Two Polish occupation troops were wounded on Friday in
      >an explosion on the road to al-Hillah, a few
      >kilometers north of the city. The vehicle in which
      >they were traveling was destroyed. A second bomb
      >exploded a few hours later and a few kilometers away,
      >but according to an occupation spokesman, that blast
      >which detonated between two Polish military vehicles
      >only inflicted damaged on the vehicles.
      >The bomb, reportedly made from a land mine, exploded
      >on the outskirts of the city of Mahawil as a 19-person
      >Polish convoy drove by on Friday. Warrant Officer
      >Tomasz Kloc was seriously wounded in the stomach and
      >was evacuated to Baghdad. Sergeant Boguslaw Wasik
      >suffered less severe injuries and received treatment
      >at the scene according to Polish Major General Andrzej
      >Tyszkiewicz who spoke to Poland's TVN24.
      >One Iraqi puppet policeman was killed and another
      >injured, as were two civilians, when an explosive
      >device detonated on the road to al-Haswah, south of
      >Baghdad. It appears that the blast was aimed at an
      >American military patrol, as there was a US convoy 200
      >meters from the scene of the explosion. An Iraqi
      >puppet policeman, Bashshar Karim Khalaf told Agence
      >France Presse (AFP) that the blast occurred on a route
      >regularly used by the US occupation forces.
      >In the village of Bayiji, near Kirkuk, an official in
      >the puppet police announced that the occupation forces
      >on Friday disarmed four bombs just one kilometer from
      >an American military base in the area.
      >A witness reported to the AFP that one man was
      >arrested on Friday while trying to plant a bomb at
      >al-Musawi Shiite mosque in a busy section of central
      >Baghdad. The mosque guard who asked not to be
      >identified said that two men who accompanied the man
      >who tried to plant the bomb managed to escape.
      >Meanwhile Sunni and Shiite religious leaders in their
      >sermons on Friday tried to head off sectarian violence
      >that had become more significant lately with a number
      >of attacks on Sunni or Shiite mosques in the country,
      >following a more open US interest in the prospect of
      >partitioning the country along religious and ethnic
      >lines. The religious leaders called on their
      >followers to use restraint and accused the occupation
      >forces of being behind the exacerbation of violence
      >among Muslims and of encouraging sectarian, extremist,
      >and hostile attitudes. Sunni and Shiite religious
      >leaders also held a meeting on Friday to discuss ways
      >to halt the worsening sectarian situation.
      >Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      >Jordan, Saturday 13 December 2003.
      >Saturday, 13 December 2003.
      >Islam Memo reports that the information media carry a
      >story that an American armored vehicle was destroyed
      >Saturday when an American occupation patrol came under
      >attack by the Iraqi Resistance who used
      >rocket-propelled grenades in the as-Sabhani area of
      >the Iraqi city of al-Hadithah.
      >The sources told the Saudi News Agency WAS that US
      >occupation forces evacuated their wounded from the
      >attack, and that a number of Iraqi citizens kept
      >pieces of the destroyed armored vehicle as trophies.
      >Meanwhile, members of an Iraqi family suffered wounds
      >and broken bones when their car was smashed by an
      >American occupation tank on the main highway leading
      >to the city of al-Hadithah.
      >US occupation forces claim to have shot and killed an
      >Iraqi youth late on Saturday night after he shot at
      >the Americans from a speeding car. A second
      >individual, the driver of the car, said that neither
      >of them had shot at the Americans but were firing an
      >AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle into the air as part
      >of a celebration of a wedding.
      >The occupation troops told journalists who arrived on
      >the scene before the Americans imposed a curfew in the
      >area that the deceased was a young man in his early
      >twenties and that he was struck by four bullets in the
      >An Iraqi puppet policeman, charged with enforcing the
      >rationing of gasoline as decreed by the puppet Iraqi
      >oil ministry, opened fire Saturday on a taxi cab
      >driver in Baaqubah, hitting him in the head according
      >to the victim, Salman Najras. The incident occurred
      >in front of a gasoline station when the driver was
      >arguing with one of the gasoline sellers about the
      >black-market price of a can of gasoline. At that
      >point the puppet policeman approached and found the
      >argument to be "suspicious." Seeing the puppet
      >policeman approaching, Salman Najras immediately took
      >off in his taxi, at which point the puppet policeman
      >fired at him, wounding him in the head. Najras said
      >that he would undergo surgery on Monday for the
      >removal of the bullet.
      >Puppet police lieutenant Haydar Ahmad told journalists
      >that he had not received any instructions about
      >opening fire on those who disobey.
      >Iraqi puppet authorities decided on Wednesday to begin
      >a campaign against the sale of gasoline on the black
      >market in order to try to reduce the shortfall in
      >supply of petroleum products.
      >In Tblisi, capital of the former Soviet Republic of
      >Georgia, the American ambassador, Richard Miles
      >announced that the new government of Georgia would be
      >sending 500 additional soldiers to Iraq at the
      >beginning of summer to join the special unit of forces
      >that now numbers 70 members and includes medical
      >doctors and mine removal specialists.
      >The American ambassador told a group of Georgian
      >military personnel who had just completed a course of
      >training with American military advisers that 200
      >Georgian soldiers would soon be going to Iraq while
      >the remainder would head there at the beginning of
      >At present the Tblisi government pays between US$400
      >and US$600 as a monthly salary to the soldiers
      >currently stationed in occupied Iraq, while the United
      >States picks up the tab for the cost of uniforms,
      >supplies and expenses of the Georgian soldiers.
      >Presumably it is this financial arrangement � together
      >with the dependent state of the Georgian regime � that
      >led to the surreal situation in which Georgian
      >military men were informed of their intended
      >deployments abroad, not by their Georgian commanders
      >nor by representatives of their Georgian government,
      >but by the American ambassador, who evidently has more
      >information and outranks the local military and
      >civilian officials.
      >Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      >Jordan, Sunday, 14 December 2003.
      >Sunday, 14 December 2003.
      >Al-Jazeera TV has reported that Baghdad was shaken by
      >three explosions on Sunday. A puppet police source
      >said that one of the blasts was not the result of
      >explosives, but of a truck loaded with barrels of fuel
      >that came under gunfire.
      >Al-Jazeera's correspondent reports that the explosions
      >occurred when a fuel truck was fired upon in the
      >al-Karradah neighborhood near the al-'Alwiyah
      >exchange. Witnesses said that an explosives-laden car
      >exploded Sunday evening in front of the Palestine
      >Hotel in the center of the occupied Iraqi capital.
      >The US occupation forces released no information
      >regarding casualties in the attacks.
      >Also following the announcement of the capture of
      >Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, anti-imperialist
      >Resistance fighters in US-occupied Kuwait ambushed two
      >American military convoys, leaving several of the
      >aggressor troops wounded.
      >An occupation spokesman said that one American
      >occupation soldier was killed when an explosive device
      >went off as he was trying to disarm it. This occurred
      >just hours after Washington confirmed claims that
      >Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had been taken
      >An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber apparently
      >detonated explosives in a car outside a puppet police
      >station Sunday morning in al-Khalidiyah, 80km west of
      >Baghdad, killing at least 17 people and wounding 33
      >more, the US occupation forces said.
      >Al-Jazeera reported that witnesses said that
      >ambulances rushed to the scene to evacuate vicims to
      >ar-Ramadi Hospital, 100km west of Baghdad.
      >Although no American occupation forces were reportedly
      >hurt in the attack, US aggressor forces rushed to the
      >scene and imposed a military cordon around the area.
      >Occupation helicopters were seen hovering overhead in
      >the air.
      >A statement by al-Jama'ah al-Islamiyah (the Islamic
      >Group) in Iraq reports that 45 of the supporters of
      >the Kurdish Islamist group were arrested by occupation
      >authorities in Baghdad on Tuesday evening. Four of
      >those arrested were members of the Group's leading
      >Council (Shura) who were in Baghdad intending to meet
      >the current head of the puppet so-called Interim
      >Governing Council 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Hakim.
      >The statement also said that among those arrested were
      >male and female students using the headquarters as a
      >temporary residence while they looked for regular
      >housing to rent.
      >Desperate for some "good news" in their floundering
      >war against the Iraqi people and the rising tide of
      >Iraqi Resistance, the US occupation forces announced
      >on Sunday that they had captured Iraqi President
      >Saddam Hussein. Reports by the occupation forces in
      >the past about capturing and killing Iraqi leaders
      >have been unreliable, but even assuming this report to
      >be accurate, it changes nothing as regards the
      >objective situation of imperialist-Zionist occupation
      >of Iraq and the Iraqi people's resistance to it. So
      >long as the occupation continues, the resistance will
      >Al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper in Amman reported that
      >media reports indicated that one of the Iraqis
      >captured a few days ago by US aggressor forces in
      >al-Huwayjah gave out, in the course of interrogation,
      >information that helped the occupation troops capture
      >the Iraqi President. Other reports said that it was
      >one of Saddam Hussein's relatives who, while
      >undergoing interrogation, gave information to the
      >occupation forces on the Iraqi President's
      >whereabouts. According to this report, the aggressor
      >troops bargained with the relative, promising that he
      >could stay alive and that he would be transported out
      >of Iraq in return for enabling the Americans to get to
      >where the Iraqi President was.
      >A select American aggressor force of 600 troops
      >encircled an isolated farm in the town of ad-Duwar
      >near Tikrit and after a search of the area the
      >occupation troops found the Iraqi President in an
      >underground hiding place. US imperialist sources
      >indicated that the so-called Task Force 121, which has
      >recently reportedly received training from the Zionist
      >occupation regime in Palestine, was a part of the
      >elite force that captured the Iraqi President. One of
      >the planners of the operations in which Task Force 121
      >has been involved is American Lieutenant General
      >William "Jerry" Boykin, an individual who gained some
      >notoriety for identifying Muslims with Satan in public
      >meetings with American church groups. (For
      >information on Task Force 121, see the British
      >Guardian newspaper for 9 December 2003:
      >News reports also say that Kurdish chauvinist
      >Peshmergah militiamen aided the American aggressors in
      >carrying out the operation to trap the Iraqi
      >President. It was therefore Jalal at-Talibani, head
      >of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, one of the
      >leading Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist
      >organizations, who rushed to announce the capture of
      >Saddam Hussein, and it was the Iranian news agency
      >that first carried the story.
      >Press reports also said that when four members of the
      >US-appointed puppet so-called "Interim Governing
      >Council" were led in to identify the Iraqi President,
      >Saddam Hussein told them that he had been "a just but
      >firm ruler at the same time," and that he was not
      >sorry about what he had done.
      >The American monopoly CBS News reported that its
      >correspondent in Tikrit had learned from US military
      >sources that the Iraqi President was no longer in
      >Iraq. US occupation commander General Ricardo Sanchez
      >announced that Saddam Hussein had been taken to a
      >"secure place."
      >A source in the American-appointed puppet police
      >forece in Kirkuk reported that four Iraqis were killed
      >and more than 60 wounded, 10 of them severely, when
      >traitors in that northern city fired weapons into the
      >air in celebration of the fact that invading aggressor
      >troops had captured the Iraqi President. The puppet
      >police spokesman said that the injured victims are
      >receiving treatment in Kirkuk hospitals.
      >The puppet police spokesman said that fights also
      >broke out in the city when "a group attacked a number
      >of Kurds who were celebrating the arrest in their own
      >special way, demanding that they stop their
      >celebration immediately." The puppet police spokesman
      >said that the number of dead and injured from such
      >"celebration" was likely to increase because in
      >addition to small arms, the traitorous "celebrants"
      >were also firing off rocket-propelled grenades and
      >heavy weapons.
      >Demonstrators in Kirkuk took to the streets to demand
      >the release of the head of a tribe who was arrested by
      >occupation forces in mid-November on suspicion that he
      >had provided a refuge for the Iraqi Vice President
      >'Izzat Ibrahim.
      >The dean of the al-Huwayjah Province Technical
      >Institute said that US occupation forces arrested 11
      >individuals on the campus early Sunday morning. Dean
      >Mahjub YaSin Muhammad told Agence France Presse (AFP)
      >that an American force of more than 30 soldiers
      >"raided our Technical Institute and arrested 11
      >persons about whom they had suspicions. Among those
      >arrested are nine guards and two of the Institute's
      >students." Dean Muhammad said "this operation is a
      >dangerous precedent. How can you arrest students on a
      >university campus?"
      >Meanwhile, the Polish Defense Minister, whose forces
      >are serving the American occupation troops in occupied
      >Iraq as a part of the so-called multinational forces
      >reported that those multinational forces � which are
      >under Polish command � raised the level of alert for
      >their troops in anticipation of an escalation in
      >Resistance attacks after the capture of the Iraqi
      >President Saddam Hussein. The Polish minister said
      >that there are fears of "reactions based on hate" that
      >might target the occupation forces.
      >Sources: al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman,
      >Jordan, Monday 15 December 2003.
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