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PFLP on Geneva Document

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    Many thanks to Eric for sending us the Iraq Resistance Reports and this statement from the People s Front for the Liberation of Palestine (the secular armed
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      Many thanks to Eric for sending us the Iraq Resistance Reports
      and this statement from the People's Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine (the secular armed resistance in Palestine)! Keep up
      the great work!

      --Kevin Walsh

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      Dear Kevin,

      Since there's a campaign going around to try to make
      the total sell out Geneva Document into some kind of
      "peace breakthrough," here is a translation of a
      statement by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front
      for the Liberation of Palestine on said document.




      Statement issued by the Political Bureau of the
      Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

      Over the past two years Switzerland has been the venue
      for prolonged and secret talks carried out behind the
      backs of the Palestinian people between an unofficial
      Palestinian delegation (that nevertheless received
      cover from certain circles in the Palestine Authority)
      and an "Israeli" delegation. These talks have now
      produced the so-called Geneva Document.

      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on
      the basis of the fact that it holds fast to the basic
      national principles of the Palestinian people and the
      basic Arab nationalist principles of the Arab Nation,
      declares its total condemnation of this document that
      does harm to the very core goals and supreme interests
      of the Palestinian people and the future of their
      coming generations. The PFLP states:

      First. The document seeks to impose a solution to the
      Arab-Zionist conflict through what it calls - and what
      is obviously a perfidious operation of deception and
      fraud � a "historic compromise" between the
      Palestinian people and the racist Zionist entity which
      has occupied the land of Palestine and evicted its
      people. The basis of this so-called compromise is the
      sanctification of the Zionist-American vision of a
      solution that wipes out the Palestinian cause and
      conveys Palestinian, Arab, and international
      legitimacy on this solution that violates our national
      rights, human rights legislation, and international

      Second. The chief aim of this document is to wipe out
      the right of return of the Palestinian refugees in
      exile who were uprooted from their country. This is a
      preparation for the abrogation of United Nations
      Resolution 194 which affirms the right of Palestinian
      refugees to return to their land, homes, and villages
      from which they were forcibly driven out in the year

      In addition, the five solutions provided for in the
      document concerning the issue of the Palestinian
      refugees all are quite remote from any sort of
      guarantee of the right of return such as United
      Nations resolutions have upheld. Therefore the
      essential aim of this document is to wipe out this
      right which represents the basis and essence of the
      Palestinian cause. This solution also absolves the
      Zionist entity of any responsibility for the crime of
      uprooting the Palestinian people from their land and
      dispersing them to every part of the world. The five
      solutions provided in the document for solving the
      refugee problem disperse our people yet again and
      exile them anew to yet other places of banishment,
      while striking a blow at their unity. They all
      involve a plan to impose the maneuver of repatriating
      the Palestinians outside their land and away from
      their homes in historic Palestine from which they were
      forcibly expelled, suffering exile, torment, and
      deprivation for more than half a century as they held
      fast to their right to return to the soil of their
      original homeland, rejecting all solutions that seek
      to diminish this right.

      All of the solutions presented in the document fall
      short of the right of return to the land and homes
      from which the Palestinian people were driven out and
      expelled. And in order to further delude and mislead
      people, the document states that the solution for the
      refugee problem is to be on the basis of Security
      Council Resolution 242, Resolution 194, and the Arab
      Peace Proposal, thereby allowing the proposed solution
      to provide for absorbing the Palestinian refugees in
      any place in the world except for those whom "Israel"
      rejects on the grounds � as the document itself says �
      that it is a matter of the sovereignty of the Zionist
      enemy state to accept what it wants and reject what it
      wants. The provisions of the document also provide
      for terrorizing those Palestinians who reject the
      proposed options with the loss of their rights after
      two years, unless they present their claims to the
      international committee entrusted with following up on
      these matters. The document provides for the gradual
      dissolution of UNRWA and its services in order to
      absolve the international community of its commitments
      to the Palestinian people in exile.

      Third. The Geneva Document proclaims the "Jewish
      character" of the Zionist state. This not only
      threatens to wipe out the right of return of the
      Palestinian refugees, but constitutes the gravest
      danger to the destiny and future of 1.2 million
      Palestinians living in the lands occupied in 1948,
      inasmuch as it provides the excuses and prepares the
      way for operations to expel and transfer this portion
      of the Palestinian people who live on their historic
      land, of whom it will be said that their presence and
      demographic growth threaten the "Jewish character" of
      the Zionist state. This text also confirms the
      "right" and encourages every Jew in the world to
      "return" to the so-called "promised land", granting
      legality to Jewish immigration into the Land of

      Fourth. The Geneva Document not only means the wiping
      out of the rights of Palestinian refugees and the
      imposition of repatriation plans, it makes the
      sovereign independent Palestinian state, for the
      establishment of which the Palestinian people have
      fought and are fighting, into nothing more than a
      shriveled entity totally subordinate to the Zionist
      Entity, where the people must live in isolated cantons
      and protectorates totally bereft of sovereignty or
      even interconnection with one another. Such a
      Palestinian entity would derive the premise for its
      existence from the Zionist occupation and it would be
      a venue for the deployment of multinational forces.
      The document clearly states that the promised
      Palestinian "state" would be unarmed, with no armed
      Palestinian force stationed in it, a "state" that
      would coordinate and cooperate in security matters
      with "Israel" which would retain the right to deploy
      its military in the Jordan Valley and to set up early
      warning stations in the north and center of the
      Palestinian [West] Bank. The "Israeli" air force would
      have full rights to use Palestinian airspace. Border
      crossings would be supervised by a Palestinian
      security force and multinational security force in
      order to prevent the entry of prohibited persons into
      Palestine. Even at departure gates "Israel" would
      maintain an unseen presence, supervising entry and
      exit of travelers.

      Fifth. The document provides for the principle of
      exchange of pieces of land. This clearly indicates
      that the Zionist withdrawal from the territories
      occupied on 5 June 1967 will not be complete, and it
      therefore constitutes acceptance of the existence and
      continued presence of [Jewish] settlement communities,
      ensconcing them as a fait accompli, in addition to
      providing for effective Zionist control of the city of
      Jerusalem and its Judaisation through the granting of
      "Israeli" sovereignty over al-Buraq's Wall [the
      so-called "wailing wall"] and over parts of the Old
      Quarter in east Jerusalem.

      Sixth. The Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine sees the Geneva Document not only as
      constituting a dangerous threat to the national rights
      of the Palestinian people, but as constituting a
      threat to Arab National security in its entirety,
      inasmuch as it ensconces the Zionist entity to provide
      for domination of the entire region, imposing
      repatriation plans that will only sow disorder and
      unrest in the Arab Homeland.

      This document with its dangerous contents, and its
      proclamation now at precisely this time after the
      treacherous Anglo-American occupation of Iraq, cannot
      be separated from the comprehensive Zionist-American
      plan to completely dominate the Arab Region, to redraw
      its maps, to plunder its resources, and to integrate
      the Zionist entity into the Arab body in order to
      prevent its unity and progress and to threaten their
      Arab National security. The document provides for the
      establishment of early warning stations to spy on the
      Arabs and other peoples of the region. It speaks of a
      role and tasks of multinational forces as a deterrent
      force against the outside attacks that might threaten
      either the Palestinian or "Israeli" side. In sum, the
      provisions of the document turn the Palestinian entity
      into a bridge over which Zionist domination can spread
      across the region in order to break up and separate
      the countries there.

      Seventh. The Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine calls on the official Palestinian leadership
      and the Executive Committee of the Palestine
      Liberation Organization to declare their clear
      rejection of the Geneva Document, to withdraw all
      cover from the Palestinian persons who signed the
      document, to dismiss them from any responsible posts
      they might hold, and to bring them to account for
      their violation of the resolutions of Palestinian

      Eighth. The Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine calls on the Arab states not to grant any
      official Arab legitimacy to this document. It calls
      on political forces, political parties, and Arab
      popular activists throughout the length and breadth of
      the Arab Homeland to undertake a serious movement in
      rejection of this document and to expose its contents,
      as its essential and real aim is to try to create
      solutions for the historical crisis of existence from
      which the Zionist entity is suffering as a result of
      the legendary defiance and the courageous struggle of
      the Palestinian people and their heroic intifada.

      The Political Bureau,
      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
      30 November 2003.

      Arabic text of the statement is at:

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