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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    Dear Eric, Fascinating info! I wonder if they ll keep that collective sense of responsibility when right and left wing Jews go to the same labour camp :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2003
      Dear Eric,

      Fascinating info! I wonder if they'll keep that
      collective sense of responsibility when right and
      "left" wing Jews go to the same labour camp :-)
      Well, if anyone doubted that "leftist" Jews are
      a fifth column in the peace movement, this is the
      smoking gun that they are.



      >Dear Kevin,
      >While doing some research I ran across an interesting
      >It's in a letter by one Josh Ruebner dated 14 March
      >2003 to Paul Wolfowitz, Assistant Secretary of Defense
      >of the USA. Ruebner was head of something called Jews
      >for Peace and wrote this open letter in the left
      >liberal magazine Counterpunch.
      >One passage caught my eye:
      >"I am not writing this letter as a secular American
      >critic of a unilateralist U.S. foreign policy that has
      >run amok. Instead, I decided to write to you as one
      >fellow Jew to another. And as Jews, we do share that
      >intimate connection and shared sense of destiny even
      >if we do not really know each other. Perhaps in Hebrew
      >school you learned the dictum kol yisrael arevim zeh
      >la'zeh-that all Jews are responsible for and to each
      >other. It is in this spirit of mutual responsibility
      >that I write to you."
      >This is an actual admitted example of a Jewish
      >"leftist" expressing the shared fellow-feeling that we
      >often say exists even between "leftist" and rightist
      >Jews. It is this that impelled bankers like that
      >legendary Schiff to fund Trotsky and impelled Trotsky
      >to back Zionism "even under socialism" in 1934. We
      >know it exists, but seldom do they express it openly.
      >By the way, the many "Jews for peace" in Ruebner's
      >organization and lots of other places, where they try
      >to worm their way to the top, represent, I think, a
      >fear on the part of those "leftist" Jews that if the
      >rightist Jews go "too far" that will imperil all of
      >them. Just think what a Viet-Nam-style US defeat in
      >Iraq will mean. The US would be knocked out of the
      >region for quite some time and that will leave the
      >Zionist entity exposed and very vulnerable (I can't
      >wait!). The "leftist" Jews are probably aware of the
      >threat of just such a "disaster" for them, and are
      >trying to forestall it by trying to turn the neo-Cons
      >to less "extreme" trajectories. But in the end they
      >all have the common Jewish interest at heart.
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