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Re: Mikail Kalashnikov interviewed

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, I m very glad they are back up. I hope they publish Iraq resistance reports again soon. ... I think they found everyone on the list. We are
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 25, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >Thanks for sending letters on Georgia to your
      >correspondents. I'm curious what's going on there,
      >but naturally don't trust what the western media say.
      >Since the Pentagon is involved in fighting "Islamic
      >rebels" in Georgia, their hand is doubtless in there
      >someplace, but I can't venture to say on whose side.
      >Shevardnadze sold out the USSR, but that doesn't
      >guarantee that the West might not find somebody it
      >likes better. Ngo Dinh Diem is an example of how
      >imperialism sometimes rewards its stooges.
      >I forgot to mention that the Zionists are doing lots
      >of spamming, etc. these days. The Iraqi Communist
      >Party (Cadre) site came back early in the week but
      >never posted any more of my Resistance Reports. I
      >think it's simply because they had trouble with
      >material in English. Possibly they weren't certain
      >what I was saying, but more likely I think they just
      >had trouble dealing with it from a technical
      >standpoint (i.e., putting html codes into the text or
      >whatever one does on websites.)

      Dear Eric,

      I'm very glad they are back up. I hope they publish
      Iraq resistance reports again soon.

      >But the Arab Nationalist was flooded with spam or
      >nonsense messages and my other e-mail that usually is
      >associated with correspondence with Arab Nationalist
      >gets around 200 messages a day which I have to wipe
      >off. Apparently they've found your Dmitrov email as
      >well somehow.

      I think they found everyone on the list. We are
      dealing with experts here, not a bunch of high
      school kids with too much time on their hands.

      >Interesting on Mikhail Kalashnikov. I'm glad he's
      >still going strong. Also his principles are sound.
      >It doesn't sound like he wants royalties to become
      >wealthy and have his own jet, but just to have a
      >decent living, which he definitely deserves.

      True, though some of the Kalashnikov brand names
      sound downright silly, particularly the umbrella.
      One wonders if it had a trigger-guard on the lever
      to open it :-) Mike Ross commented that the article
      proves you were right about there having been a
      version of the AKM to take NATO 5.56 mm ammunition.
      The explanation that it was "realpolitik" that was
      involved doesn't wash, though. It's not as if there's
      any shortage of the standard 7.62 X 39 mm cartridges.
      The gun stores here in Phoenix have more than they
      can sell.

      >It's so
      >typical of liberal types to write an article like this
      >and ask him about those who have been killed by his
      >weapon, while the murdering US defence industries
      >whose sole purpose is aggression don't ever seem to
      >field questions like that.
      >Speaking of the aggressive US military, I read
      >somewhere the other day that with the US keeping
      >130,000 or so troops in Iraq plus other American
      >deployments around the globe, there is only one
      >regular division stationed in the USA. If that's
      >true, this would be a golden opportunity for Mexico to
      >attack and take back what they lost in the Mexican
      >War. They could probably succeed if they weren't
      >nuked first.

      President Fox is doing just that, but he prefers
      to be more subtle, sending human waves of unarmed
      illegal immigrants rather than the Mexican Army.

      >That would help refocus the US imperial
      >bourgeoisie on concerns closer to home. But what a
      >lucky country the US is, not to have to worry about
      >ground attack from anybody, allowing it to deploy
      >armies all over the world in the knowledge that it's
      >back is secure.
      >So perhaps the death knell of US imperialism is
      >awaiting the time when Latin America starts producing
      >people like Bin Ladin and the September Martyrs.

      That would not surprise me in the least. A neighbour
      of mine who has done philanthropic work in Central
      America described conditions in those countries. He
      said that in many areas most of the population is
      unemployed and that prostitution is the chief source
      of income. I told him, "People have strapped bombs
      on themselves for less in other areas." I'm sure
      many Nicaraguans remember that they at least had work
      and food during the 1980s and that the American were
      responsible for ending that.


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