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Re: [azsecularhumanists] making heros out of losers?? u.s. propaganda

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, Many thanks for your analysis and for the Iraqi Resistance Report. Comradely, Kevin
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 17, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >Yes, the quality of imperialist heroes is indeed in
      >decline and the nature of the war is probably the
      >From the beginning, though, I found the media and
      >military's concern for Jessica Lynch a little bit
      >strange. At around the same time she was captured
      >(and then at around the same time she was released)
      >there were television pictures of other US captives,
      >including a large Black woman from Texas, none of whom
      >we have heard much about. And at they time they were
      >in the news but fleetingly.
      >So even then, I felt that they were doing something
      >with Jessica Lynch, preparing her specially for
      >I suspect that part of it was just that she looked
      >reasonably pretty and they thought "Aha! We have our
      >poster girl!" - a role that the large Black woman
      >soldier was ill fitted for (sorry for the pun).
      >And it occurs to me that in this kind of war, where
      >the US portrays itself as a fighter for altruistic
      >causes like "democracy" and the "liberation" of the
      >Arabs, etc., that the best kind of poster "hero" is
      >not a Sergeant York who kills and captures lots of
      >"the enemy", but a pretty little "defenseless girl"
      >whom Americans, particularly males, will sympathise
      >with and want to "protect."
      >In other words, most Americans are luke warm about
      >this war. Let's not kid ourselves. The American
      >"masses" are not against the war, even though it is
      >decidedly against their interests. But the "masses"
      >are not for the war either. The "masses" basically
      >could care less about it as long as it doesn't affect
      >them personally.
      >The monopoly imperialist media bend over backwards not
      >to link lay-offs, budget cuts, unemployment, and the
      >rise in crap jobs with no benefits, to the imperial
      >drive for world conquest - just so people getting laid
      >off or evicted from their homes don't blame
      >imperialism for their problems.
      >But since people don't care about the war, and since
      >there's a risk that morale will sag if domestic
      >problems grow (as they likely will), what US imperial
      >propaganda needs is some sort of sympathetic image,
      >even an "underdog" with which people can identify and
      >Pretty little Jessica Lynch curled up on the floor of
      >her APC as bullets whizz overhead is a classic "damsel
      >in distress". She's a brilliant "hero" for the public
      >relations contractors because she, more than any gung
      >ho, grenade tossing, super soldier makes people in the
      >US sympathise with the troops and therefore with
      >America's "best intentioned" effort "over there."
      >In fact it's a major part of the American imperialist
      >mythos that Americans are the victims, always being
      >put upon by other people, and always naively trying to
      >do good for an ungrateful world. However laughable
      >that might seem to victims of depleated uranium,
      >carpet bombing, napalm, killer sanctions, and economic
      >enslavement, this "nice guy" image is probably the
      >predominant self-image that Americans have of US
      >foreign policy.
      >In that sense, the pretty little blonde being shot at
      >by Iraqi brutes is a golden girl for Madison Avenue -
      >the best possible hero one could imagine for an
      >imperial establishment trying to put a pleasant face
      >on its drive for global conquest.

      Dear Eric,

      Many thanks for your analysis and for the Iraqi
      Resistance Report.


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