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Dissident account of Riyadh bombings

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I already posted this on the Arab Nationalist group list, but for your other readers,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      I already posted this on the Arab Nationalist group
      list, but for your other readers, here's my
      translation of the account transmitted by the Saudi
      dissident website on the bombings in Riyadh. They
      contradict the official version according to which the
      bombing killed mostly Arab civilians.





      Our trusted sources have contacted us with the true
      details of the operation. They are as follows:

      1. A number of mujahideen (about fifteen of them)
      attacked from three directions. One group came on foot
      from the mountains, two others came in cars to the
      main gate. The cars belonged originally to the
      Special Security Forces.

      2. Most of the mujahideen got out of their cars and
      clashed with the guards in two armored vehicles and a
      number of soldiers (Pertinent question: What kind of
      compound is it that is guarded by armored vehicles?
      Isn't this more like a military camp or a spy center?)

      3. The guards completely wiped out in a few seconds.
      At least nine of them were killed. The two armored
      vehicles were apparently crippled, but this is not
      certain. The heavy reinforced gate locked

      4. The heavy, massive reinforced gate was blown open.
      This was the first explosion, and it might have been
      the most powerful because the gate was very massive
      and made of steel and apparently was backed by layers
      of concrete and earthen reinforcement. (Another
      pertinent question: What kind of compound is this that
      has this kind of gate? Isn't this more like a
      military camp or a spy center?)

      5. Just two cars, each with one martyrdom attacker
      aboard, driving, drove in to their targets which had
      been selected and studied previously. Both exploded
      immediately upon reaching their end points. These were
      the two other explosions.

      6. The mujahideen pulled out immediately, safely and
      completely unhurt, except for the two martyrs.
      Searches that went on for many long hours and in which
      helicopters were used produced nothing.

      7. The number of confirmed deaths is 55 dead, other
      than the guards and the two martyrs, as was observed
      on Sunday night. More have probably died by now.
      Most of those killed were Americans. Some were
      French. There was at least one German. The dead were
      also of other nationalities, some of them Arab, and in
      addition there were security men.

      Our sources also assure us that the compound was
      entirely rented, starting at the gate, by the American
      Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, and possibly
      there were also some agents of the Central
      Intelligence Agency CIA inside as well. Those Arabs
      and nominal Muslims were nothing but riffraff lackeys
      of those agencies � people taking part in
      investigations; people carrying out the torture that
      the Americans do not deign to do, or avoid doing out
      of fear of legal restraints under American law; those
      taking part in translation and support work. It is
      noteworthy that there are now in Saudi Arabia about
      four thousand members of the various American
      intelligence agencies. These people belong to various
      nationalities, according to information coming from
      sources in the Saudi regime.

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