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Re: Another Arizona serviceman "accidentally" shot dead in Iraq

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, Well I ve never known any lady named Brauna, so I m not in a position to know. As for delayed reports, I am reminded of a letter to the editor
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >HA! There it is! The guy dies in June and they just
      >get around to announcing it now (October). I wonder
      >how many other belated announcements are going to come
      >trickling back in coming months (and years?).
      >They keep such "careful count" of their dead, how do
      >you suppose any of them could die and not be counted?
      >Particularly since the numbers aren't all that high:
      >even a math dunce like me can count up to a few
      >Maybe they weren't they sure if he was dead yet?
      >Or maybe they lost his body in June and just now found
      >it in a broom closet?
      >Of course, we mustn't suspect that the Pentagon would
      >intentionally hide these things! :-)
      >No wonder they have no information on the family, and
      >wouldn't release it if they did. They don't want
      >anybody looking for them to ask how they feel about
      >this. I wonder if they got any letters from him that
      >he "wrote" after he died. I suppose that would take
      >too much of the Army's time, though.
      >And I'm sorry if this is hopelessly politically
      >incorrect and in nasty taste, but what kind of girl's
      >name is "Brauna"??!! I guess being a Lt.Cmdr. in the
      >Navy is one appropriate place for a girl named Brauna.
      > I'll bet she's good at boxing and weight lifting.

      Dear Eric,

      Well I've never known any lady named Brauna, so I'm not
      in a position to know. As for delayed reports, I am
      reminded of a letter to the editor published in the
      Arizona Republic sometime in May or June, I think, in
      which the author complained that her husband was in Iraq
      and she hadn't heard from him since March and didn't know
      where he was. She also complained that in his absence
      she was having difficulty with the household expenses.
      I suspect her husband is among the "missing casualties"
      that must eventually be revealed. Families are so
      inconvenient for the Pentagon! They tend to miss members
      who get killed in foreign wars and make trouble about it
      if there's no accounting. Well perhaps we'll see a
      movement like Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina,
      with pickets at the Pentagon saying, "Where is my son?"
      or "Where is my husband?"


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