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[nebukhadhnasar@yahoo.com: Re: The martyrs showed an objective approach to fighting imperialism]

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I imagine we ll be hearing a lot more of this objectivist rational nonsense as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      I imagine we'll be hearing a lot more of this
      "objectivist" "rational" nonsense as the media use 11
      September to drum up support for the US war against
      the Arabs and Islam and the Third World. (It's not a
      war against "terrorism"; you can't declare war on a
      tactic. Franklin Roosevelt didn't respond to 7
      December 1941 by declaring war on air raids. He
      declared war on Japan. Bush is just trying to hide
      what he's really up to with his "war on terror" crap.
      It's a war on the Third World and on the Arab and
      Islamic world in particular as the most resistant and
      most strategically located and resource-endowed of the
      Third World.)

      I get very tired of this assertion that the people who
      fight US imperialism and Zionism are "ignorant
      religious fanatics," however.

      First, whether they use religious or secular slogans,
      the reason they fight is not religion but oppression
      and injustice. Similarly the Russian and Chinese
      revolutions were not about ideology; they were about
      oppression and exploitation. Ideology was only a way
      of defining positions regarding the oppression.

      The same is true of those who use religious ideology.
      The Islamist fighters aligned with Bin Ladin didn't
      have to come all the way to New York and Washington if
      all they wanted to do was kill some "infidel
      Christians and Jews." No, they had some very definite
      ideas on which infidel Christians and Jews to target
      and where - definite ideas that were a result of the
      political (not religious) realities they are battling

      Second, most of these people who have embraced a
      religious ideology are not ignorant of the west or of
      the modern world. Usamah bin Ladin's family is
      involved in business ventures world wide. They know
      the west very well indeed. Usamah's right-hand-man,
      Ayman az-Zawahiri was a practicing doctor of
      ophthalmology in Egypt before being arrested as a
      religious "fundamentalist" after the assassination of
      Sadat. These people are not ignorant of science or
      the modern world.

      Thirdly, as to the allegation that the hijackers and
      their supporters, presumably, are only engaged in
      "destruction and hate" in contrast to people in the
      west who build tall buildings and vast financial
      empires, let's leave aside the human value of such
      achievements. I would simply like to inquire:
      wouldn't it make you stop and think if you were a
      doctor in a land where imperialism and Zionism could
      create patients for you faster than anyone could keep
      up, while embargoing the medicine you need to treat
      them? Wouldn't you have to question your priorities
      if you were an architect or structural engineer who
      built beautiful tall buildings only to see them bombed
      into rubble? Wouldn't such repeated occurrances make
      you ponder whether taking up arms might not be a
      necessary first step, if a life dedicated to science
      or art weren't to turn into a colossal waste of time?

      What passes for "objectivity" in the west is for the
      most part only "objective" within the narrow confines
      of the imperial first world. When one views the world
      as a whole, the calculus changes dramatically.


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