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    I tried to send this message earlier, but it seems it got lost in cyberspace. It may eventually reappear on this board, but in the interests of being timely,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2003
      I tried to send this message earlier, but it seems it got lost in
      cyberspace. It may eventually reappear on this board, but in the
      interests of being timely, I am sending it again.


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      Subject: Re: Mike Ross confirms this is the Libertarian Party platform
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      >Dear Kevin,
      >Somewhere I have a Nazi-era silver Mark coin and
      >around the edge is the motto in Gothic German print
      >"Gemeinutz geht vor Eigennutz" "Common good goes
      >before personal good."
      >We can look at that as a slogan the Nazis used to get
      >workers to sacrifice for the bourgeois order. Yet as
      >a principle it has merit. I'm afraid I see no merit
      >in price gouging.
      >Also Anatole France once said something about how
      >under capitalism the rich and poor alike are free to
      >sleep under bridges. To talk about it being one's
      >"free choice" to pay $4 for petrol is self delusion.
      >Given that high prices for what are here necessities
      >can actually affect the livelihood of millions of
      >people, it seems to me also that the principle of the
      >government protecting the population would come into
      >play here. Or else maybe Libertarians should agree to
      >exclude government from crisis management but then do
      >so themselves by voluntarily keeping a lid on fuel
      >prices rather than profiteering from them. But I
      >suppose price gouging is what some folks call
      >"entrepreneurial spirit."
      >Well, I don't pretend to be a libertarian.

      Dear Eric,

      Well I had thought earlier that the Libertarians were of the
      view that the free market works best under ordinary circumstances
      but would not mind regulation of the market in times of crisis.
      It seems I was mistaken. The Libertarians have plenty of friends
      on this particular issue. A couple letters to the editor have
      called for higher priced gasoline to cut down on waits in line.
      I'm sure there is a large class of people, particularly in
      Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, who could afford $4 gasoline and
      still take their pleasure trips to the lake and the high country.
      They just don't want to wait in line with the riff-raff who now
      won't be able to afford it.

      I do remember reading one possible solution that might be
      compatable with Libertarian thought, however. One motorist
      said, "I'll pay the higher prices now, because I have no choice,
      but when this is over, I'll remember which stations gouged prices,
      and those stations will never have my business again." Rather
      than defending the right of these people to price gouge, the
      Libertarians would do better to organise a permanent boycott of
      those who choose to gouge as an alternative to government
      laws against gouging. I know of one Libertarian-dominated group
      in Tucson that has a list of businesses that ban firearms to
      boycott, even while respecting their private property rights to
      ban firearms. Perhaps the local Libertarians can compile such
      a list of price-gouging gas stations.

      As to the Anatole France quote, I remember it, and it is often
      misquoted in the way you did. It does make a point the way you
      say it, but it makes an even stronger point the way Anatole France
      originally said it, "Both the rich and the poor are FORBIDDEN to
      sleep under bridges, but for the rich this law poses no inconvenience,
      while for the poor, it is a matter of survival." After all, a rich
      man generally has shelter at his disposal, while for a poor man, a
      bridge may be the only shelter on a stormy night.



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