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Re: [azsecularhumanists] families of soldiers demand their return

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I still remember my draft lottery number was 254 and they didn t get that far so they
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 17, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      I still remember my draft "lottery" number was 254 and
      they didn't get that far so they never had to deal
      with me.

      Actually I was ready to just leave the country.

      I confined my protests, though to raising all sorts of
      irritating questions during the registration
      procedure. These days the young guys go online and
      fill in some online form or go to the post office and
      fill in a card. But then (at least in my case in
      Chicago) you had to go to the Selective Service
      office, pick a number and sit, under the portrait of
      Richard Nixon, and wait to talk with some clerk who
      would ask you questions and fill in a form (I guess
      that way you couldn't write nasty notes to them).

      I remember in particular that the woman asked me for
      the name, address, and phone number of someone who
      would know where to reach me 24 hours a day. I asked
      her if that person had to be a US citizen. That was
      another question she had to ask her supervisor, so she
      disappeared and mustn't have come back for 15 minutes.
      I realize I prolonged the process for myself, but it
      was some sort of retaliation.


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