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al-Qa'idah claims credit for US power outage.

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    Eric Mueller has translated the following communique for us. --Kevin Walsh ================= Begin forwarded message ================= From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2003
      Eric Mueller has translated the following communique for us.

      --Kevin Walsh

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      From: nebukhadhnasar@... (Abdallah Tahhan)
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      Subject: al-Qa'idah claims credit for US power outage.
      Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 01:21:08 -0700 (PDT)

      Dear Kevin,

      The following communique appeared today on an Arabic
      website that frequently carries pro-Bin Ladin




      In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving

      Operation Sudden Lightning in the land of the Tyrant
      of the Age (Communiqu� No. 3)

      "If you are suffering, they are suffering even as you
      suffer," [the Qur'an, 4:104]

      Before we begin this communiqu�, we would like to
      remind the Muslims that just five days after our
      second communiqu� was issued the American enemy could
      find no way to avoid acknowledging openly, via one of
      the networks - namely "Wan News" - that Indonesian
      security sources, which had refused to disclose their
      identities, had confirmed that a group of agents of
      the American Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) were
      in the Mariott Hotel in order to take part in secret
      interrogations of Mujahid prisoners and that the
      timing of the explosion there coincided with the
      moment when that sinful group was leaving the hotel.
      This is what we had stated in our communiqu�, a fact
      that proves the credibility of our communiqu�s. God
      is greatest! And praise be to God!

      In compliance with orders of the Commander of the
      Mujahids, Usamah bin Ladin (may God preserve him), to
      strike America's economic links, the Abu Hafs al-Misri
      Brigades struck at two important electricity
      generating targets in the region of the American East,
      including the most important economic cities of
      America and of Canada, (its ally in the war against
      Islam), the cities of Toronto and New York, and the
      regions around them. This strike resulted in a cut
      off of electricity from more than fifty million
      persons. (For security reasons, it is not possible to
      clarify the manner in which the sabotage of these two
      points was carried out, in case the mujahids might
      need to use the same innovative method again soon, if
      God wills.

      In fulfillment of the promise of the Shaykh of the
      Mujahids, Usamah bin Ladin (may God preserve him), in
      an earlier declaration that he would present a gift to
      the Iraqi people, here is the gift, presented to the
      Americans at a time of preparedness and expectation.
      This is to let the criminal Bush and his gang know
      that the penalty will be suited to their action. The
      soldiers of God cut off power to the above named
      cities, plunging the lives of Americans into darkness,
      just as the criminals had plunged the lives of the
      Muslim peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine
      into darkness. The Americans lived one black day that
      they will never forget. The lived a day of terror,
      alarm, and fear so that they might come to know that
      the penalty will suit the action. This act had its
      clear effect on this people in spite of all their
      security agencies that receive unimaginable amounts of
      funding squeezed out of the hearts' blood of the
      Americans. The above named cities endured a state of
      chaos and tumult. There was looting and theft.
      Cities were robbed just as Baghdad, the capital of the
      Caliphs, was robbed; and just as chaos was spread in
      Afghanistan and Palestine, in order that the American
      people would have a taste from the same cup.

      We heard the surprise expressed in the statement by
      the American and Canadian enemy, where there are
      universities of science that teach nuclear physics and
      where there are space agencies, etc., we heard them
      say that it was slandered lightning that had destroyed
      the two targets. We are supposed to be obedient and
      believe this drivel, but God knows that the lightning
      and lightning bolts are innocent of that, just as the
      wolf was innocent of the blood of Joseph the son of
      Jacob. If the cut off of electricity had been limited
      to one or two cities, their lie would be believable to
      most people. But reality has demonstrated that the
      cut off of electricity affected the whole East of
      America and a whole section of Canada. . . . .

      Among the benefits of this strike are (and the news
      media have perhaps mentioned what we are going to say

      1. It showed that America would not live in security
      until the conditions that were mentioned in the first
      and second communiqu�s have been met. Among them are
      the release of all prisoners, including Shaykh Umar
      Abd ar-Rahman, and the departure of [enemy forces]
      from the land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem, the
      Arabian Peninsula, and Kashmir.

      2. It brought dread to their hearts, just as they do
      to the Muslims.

      3. It cut off electricity from fifty million people in
      America and Canada causing material and moral losses.
      It is not just our brothers and sisters in Palestine,
      Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., who should suffer from such
      things. The American people must taste the same

      4. It struck at the chief stronghold of the American
      economy (the world stock exchange).

      5. It was a message delivered to the United Nations
      against Islam, whose headquarters is in New York.

      6. It was a message to all investors that America has
      become an insecure country for their money, for as is
      known, the American economy is totally dependent on
      investor confidence.

      7. It shut down seven major airports, which
      constituted a blow to the airline companies.

      8. It put nine nuclear reactors out of action,
      something that has never happened before and is
      regarded as a powerful blow to the economy since the
      nine reactors are located in the states of New York,
      New Jersey, Ohio, and Michigan.

      9. It shut down transport - trains, cars, trucks,
      etc., - which resulted in heavy losses.

      10. It put the Internet, which is the chief thing that
      they depend on in commercial transactions, out of

      11. It put the world banks, whose headquarters are in
      New York, out of action.

      12. It caused huge losses to insurance companies.

      13. It caused losses due to the extensive deployments
      of police and security personnel.

      14. Economists confirmed that the cut off of
      electricity in America and Canada will cost the
      American treasury at least US$10 billion. And just so
      that the hearts of American officials might burn, the
      cost of the mujahids' operation to sabotage the power
      generating lines cost only $7,000. So go choke to
      death in your rage!

      15. It caused the decline of the American dollar in
      relation to other currencies.

      We say to the Muslims that this is not the strike that
      has been expected. This is something called a war of
      skirmishes (to wear down the enemy). The American
      vipers are massive and big and must be worn down and
      broken up in order to facilitate their destruction.

      We say to the people of Afghanistan and Kashmir that
      the gift of the Shaykh of the Mujahids, Usamah bin
      Ladin, is on its way to the White House. Then there
      will be the gift in honor of al-Aqsa Mosque in
      Jerusalem. And how will you come to know the nature
      of the gift for al-Aqsa; when and where will it come??
      Wait to see the answer!!

      "And on that day the Believers will rejoice at God's
      help to victory. He helps to victory whomever He
      wills, He is the Mighty, the Mercy-giving" [Qur'an,

      God is Greatest!

      God is Greatest!

      Islam is coming!

      To bring might to the mighty and contempt to the

      The Abu Hafs al-Misri Brigades (al-Qa'idah)

      Friday, 17 Jumada ath-Thani 1424H, the equivalent of
      15 August 2003CE.

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