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Re: Ibrahim Alloush on Zionist Wall

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    ... Dear Eric, I don t receive e-mails from the Arab Nationalist list anymore, but I do have access to the archives from another e-mail account, so I can view
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >Here's an article I translated from the Arab
      >Nationalist list by Ibrahim.
      >I agreed with your letter on the Berlin Wall (false)
      >analogy, and actually a number of Arabic respondents
      >also did.
      >One in particular yesterday sent by Eidaraws Alkassir
      >did a very good job of refuting it and asking
      >basically why we should give the enemy (imperialism) a
      >free celebration of their victory in the Cold War. He
      >acknowledged that the regimes in Eastern Europe were
      >corrupt but said that their downfall only made way for
      >far more corrupt regimes under the US domination - an
      >event we have no reason to celebrate. He also
      >indicated that the Berlin wall was built by the German
      >state around itself, whereas the Zionist entity is
      >building a wall around the West Bank, hence there is
      >no similarity at all anyway, except insofar as both
      >are walls.
      >But anyhow, here's Ibrahim's article which doesn't go
      >into Berlin, but does set the Zionist wall in the
      >proper context.

      Dear Eric,

      I don't receive e-mails from the Arab Nationalist list
      anymore, but I do have access to the archives from another
      e-mail account, so I can view what is posted there. Most
      of the time I get only garbage, as my computer can
      only handle Roman letters, but the occasional English post
      is worthwhile, and I did see that there. Thank you for
      forwarding it to me, nonetheless, because that means I
      can forward it to others, which I have done.



      >The Dividing Wall: Racism or Occupation?
      >Dr. Ibrahim Alloush.
      >The so-called dividing wall, the basic part of which
      >the Zionist Enemy has built in the western part of the
      >West Bank is not only a tactical maneuver aimed at
      >extorting more concessions from the Palestine
      >Authority and other Arab regimes, nor does it serve
      >only to irritate those who tied the destiny of their
      >political plans to American-Zionist good will. It is,
      >rather, the logical extension of the Zionist project
      >that has been going on for more than a century.
      >The wall, according to the reports that have assessed
      >it, is in fact not one, but two walls. One of the
      >walls is to be in the western region of the West Bank,
      >the second in the eastern region. The walls will
      >enclose the West Bank, which will be broken up into
      >cantons, on all sides.
      >The western wall is to run a zigzag course inside the
      >West Bank far from the truce line of June 1967. By
      >means of the wall the Zionists will absorb an area of
      >West Bank territory amounting to 1,328 square
      >kilometers, i.e., 23.4 percent of the total area of
      >the West Bank.
      >The eastern wall is to be constructed so as to split
      >the Jordan Valley from the West Bank, enabling the
      >Zionist entity to steal another 1,237 square
      >kilometers of land, i.e., 21.9 percent of the total
      >area of the West Bank.
      >The upshot thus will be the seizure of 45.3 percent of
      >the West Bank in one political blow.
      >The territory thus confiscated includes some of the
      >most fertile agricultural land and the richest in
      >water resources in the West Bank. It also encompasses
      >the basic Zionist Jewish settlements, in particular
      >those in the environs of Jerusalem. These constitute
      >the group of settlements that ring east Jerusalem and
      >in which more than 180,000 Jewish settlers live. By
      >including this area, the wall project also serves to
      >take Jerusalem completely out of the political game.
      >When the so-called defensive wall is complete it will
      >encompass 343,000 Jewish settlers out of the total of
      >about 420,000 currently in the West Bank, including in
      >the environs of Jerusalem.
      >Clearly the defensive wall project is simply the
      >systematic extension of the program for the
      >Judaization of Palestine that historically has been
      >based on three interconnected elements: 1. Jewish
      >immigration to Palestine and the concomitant expulsion
      >of the Arabs from there. 2. Control of the land and
      >the transformation of its identity. 3. All of this to
      >be carried on in connection with the most powerful
      >colonialist states � from Britain to the United
      >The basic purpose of the defensive wall is to seize
      >control of the land and Judaize it after having first
      >spread Jewish settlements throughout the area � in
      >other words; it is the story of the creation of the
      >Zionist entity itself. On the basis of this, the
      >wall aims at creating conditions of a brutal blockade
      >which will starve the Palestinian Arabs living in the
      >West Bank in order to force them to leave their land,
      >at least to take refuge elsewhere in Palestine if not
      >to go abroad. This is particularly true as regards
      >the agricultural regions in the north of the West
      >Bank, such as the areas of Jenin, Qalqiliya, and
      >Tulkarm, where the wall is to cause the loss of
      >extremely large tracts of land.
      >Thus, the primary problem with the so-called
      >protective wall is not Zionist racism any more than
      >that is the main problem with the state of "Israel".
      >The racism, which is most assuredly real, is rather
      >the by-product of the occupation and the Judaization
      >of the land. The primary problem with the colonial
      >state of "Israel" is its very existence.
      >For example, the projected wall will leave hundreds of
      >thousands of Palestinians located between the wall and
      >the territories occupied in 1948 in an atrocious
      >situation in which they will be forbidden to move
      >about at all at night and forbidden to move about
      >during the day as well unless they first obtain a
      >military permit. Since these restrictions will apply
      >only to Palestinians who do not have "Israeli"
      >citizenship, the measures are necessarily classified
      >as racist. But to regard the racism as the essential
      >issue, rather than the expropriation of the land which
      >led to that racism, is in effect to accept the wall as
      >a political measure and to recognize its "right to
      >exist." This is a conclusion that must be rejected at
      >all costs. To be distracted from the issue of
      >occupation by the racism that results from it leads to
      >the proposal of worthless "solutions" to the Palestine
      >issue, such as a bi-national state in which Arabs and
      >Jews are to be equal, or to a new wall that passes
      >exactly along the line dividing the territories
      >occupied in 1948 from the territories occupied in 1967
      >� exactly like the wall that divides Gaza from the
      >territories occupied in 1948.
      >If we look at the wall in its historical context as
      >another link in the strategy of the Zionist project to
      >Judaize Palestine, i.e., the project that all segments
      >of Zionist society cooperated to bring about, from the
      >far right to the far left, then the logical solution
      >becomes clear: resistance of all forms of Judaization
      >and all its means, in particular the setting up of
      >Jewish settlements anywhere in Palestine from the
      >Mediterranean to the Jordan River.
      >That does not negate the fact that the wall provides
      >the Zionist enemy certain other advantages such as the
      >ability to impose their version of a so-called
      >"permanent solution," to impose their permanent
      >control over all movements of goods and of people to
      >and from that deformed Palestinian entity that they
      >will call an "independent state." But these
      >advantages will remain by-products of the strategic
      >project of the Judaization of Palestine, which has
      >been the basic program of Zionism since its inception.
      >As to the illusion of putting a stop to armed
      >resistance against the Zionist enemy, that is
      >something that the wall will not be able to provide
      >for very long.
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