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    Strange that Mr. Bush wants to take on Korea when he isn t even through with Iraq. Maybe he just wants the distinction of having started a world war. --Kevin
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
      Strange that Mr. Bush wants to take on Korea when he isn't even
      through with Iraq. Maybe he just wants the distinction of having
      started a world war.


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      Dear Kevin,

      From the tone of the first news story below (reporting
      on John Bolton's speech) it sounds like the US is
      escalating things in Korea. It might just be making
      noise to try to pressure Pyongyang on the issue of
      multilateral meetings though; American leaders like to
      play stupid psychological "games" like that.

      Just for perspective, I've tacked on at the bottom
      four items from the last two days' Korean Central News
      Agency news bulletins.





      U.S. Official Says N.Korea a 'Hellish Nightmare'
      33 minutes ago Add World - Reuters to My Yahoo!

      By Martin Nesirky

      SEOUL (Reuters) - Top U.S. arms negotiator John Bolton
      described North Korean leader Kim Jong-il on Thursday
      as a tyrannical dictator who lived like royalty while
      jailing thousands and keeping many hungry in a
      "hellish nightmare."

      Reuters Photo

      AP Photo
      Slideshow: North Korea Nuclear Tensions

      In a tough speech guaranteed to provoke a blistering
      North Korean response, the undersecretary of state
      also said Kim was mistaken if he thought threats to
      proliferate nuclear weapons would weaken international
      resolve to halt his atomic ambitions.

      His comments come at a delicate time. Secretary of
      State Colin Powell (news - web sites), whom Bolton
      advises on arms control, told Reuters in Washington on
      Wednesday there was a "distinct possibility" of talks
      this year.

      Japan's Kyodo news agency said the United States,
      China and North Korea (news - web sites) were
      discussing possible three-way talks in early
      September. Bolton declined comment on this at a news
      conference. But he said earlier the ball was in North
      Korea's court to respond to a U.S. proposal on the
      format of talks.

      There was an initial, inconclusive round of three-way
      talks in Beijing in April at which the North told the
      United States it had nuclear weapons and was seeking
      to make more.

      "The days of (North Korean) blackmail are over,"
      Bolton said in a speech. "Kim Jong-il is dead wrong to
      think that developing nuclear weapons will improve his

      Bolton, widely seen as a hawk on North Korea, painted
      a stark picture of life for North Koreans with Kim at
      the helm.


      He mentioned Kim's name some 40 times, and described
      him as one of the world's "tyrannical rogue state
      leaders" who needed to introduce sweeping reforms or
      face economic ruin.

      "While he lives like royalty in Pyongyang, he keeps
      hundreds of thousands of his people locked in prison
      camps with millions more mired in abject poverty,
      scrounging the ground for food," he told the East Asia

      "For many in North Korea, life is a hellish

      North Korea is edging toward nuclear talks but has
      recently repeated its demand Washington drop its
      "hostile policy."

      Bolton was asked what effect his speech might have on
      North Korea's decision on whether to restart nuclear

      He replied: "It is important to tell the truth and I
      think that being able to state clearly the concerns we
      have about the regime in North Korea is important
      internationally in explaining why we are concerned
      both about its own support for terrorism and its
      pursuit of weapons of mass destruction."

      Bolton, who flies next to Tokyo, said the United
      States and its allies were trying to persuade North
      Korea to start multilateral talks on its atomic plans.

      North Korea wants direct talks with Washington, a line
      Bolton called a "one-note piano concerto." He said it
      would be highly irresponsible for Washington to hold
      one-to-one talks.

      He said other tracks should be pursued too, including
      the U.N. Security Council taking "appropriate and
      timely action."

      "Unfortunately, the Council is not playing the part it
      should," he said. "To date, virtually nothing has

      Bolton, who visited China before Seoul, said 11
      countries in the "Proliferation Security Initiative"
      would continue efforts to try to thwart illicit

      "Kim Jong-il would be wise to consider diversifying
      his export base to something besides weapons of mass
      destruction and ballistic missiles," Bolton said.

      A U.S. combat team equipped with state-of-the-art
      fighting vehicles arrived in South Korea (news - web
      sites) on Thursday for training. The North's KCNA news
      agency said it was "a scout party to ignite another
      war of aggression."


      From the Korean Central News Agency bulletin of 31
      July 2003.


      KCNA blasts U.S. war outcries
      Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- U.S. belligerent
      forces are now letting loose a string of war outcries
      to contain the DPRK by force. On July 24 mires,
      chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff, said that
      the U.S. forces in South Korea are ready to take part
      in a war anytime, and on July 27 Laporte, commander of
      the U.S. forces in South Korea, asserted that the U.S.
      forces will win a "victory" with technological
      superiority in case of "emergency" on the Korean
      Such war outbursts can not but arouse the caution
      of the DPRK as they were little short of a dangerous
      signal for putting into practice their strategy for a
      preemptive attack on the DPRK.
      Such green light was given to the war action at a
      time when the U.S. is massively deploying ultra-modern
      military hardware in and around the Korean Peninsula
      after announcing the "Operation Plan 5030", a new war
      scenario to attack the DPRK, recently. This clearly
      indicates that the Bush administration totally threw
      away the signboard of "dialogue" and "peace" it has
      ostensibly professed as regards the nuclear issue on
      the Korean Peninsula and is opting to stifle the DPRK
      by military attack at any cost. And it has become
      clearer why the U.S. is dead-set against the
      DPRK-proposed bilateral talks between the DPRK and the
      U.S. and the conclusion of a non-aggression treaty
      between them.
      The reckless military moves of the U.S.
      self-expose that its oft-repeated "peaceful solution
      to the nuclear issue of North Korea" is no more than a
      fig leaf to cover up its moves to invade the DPRK by
      The DPRK put forward a landmark proposal to hold
      the bilateral talks between the DPRK and the U.S. to
      conclude a non-aggression treaty between them for the
      peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
      However, the U.S. insisted only on the
      unacceptable assertion that the DPRK "should scrap its
      nuclear weapons program before dialogue", ignoring its
      just demand, and raised such secondary issues as the
      format of talks as preconditions.
      We have already declared that if the U.S. has a
      willingness to drop its hostile policy toward the
      DPRK, we will not stick to the format of talks.
      It is the stand of the DPRK that the bilateral
      talks should be held between the DPRK and the U.S. to
      be followed by the U.S.-proposed multilateral talks in
      order to settle the nuclear issue between Pyongyang
      and Washington.
      Nevertheless, the U.S. refuses to accept the
      DPRK's just proposal. This proves once again that the
      U.S. is pursuing only the policy of strength to bring
      the DPRK to its knees behind the curtain of dialogue.
      Dialogue and war can never go together.
      Now that the united states does not abandon its
      attempt to stifle the DPRK by force, the DPRK will
      further increase the self-reliant defence capability
      and take all necessary steps to prevent the war and
      protect the sovereignty and security of the country
      and the destiny and dignity of the nation.


      From the Korean Central News Agency bulletin of 31
      July 2003.


      Cancellation of plan for sabre rattling against DPRK
      Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The United States and
      the South Korean belligerent forces should cancel at
      once the plan for the provocative war exercises "Ulji
      Focus Lens", properly judging the readiness of the
      Korean people to fight the enemy in a do-or-die spirit
      and their resolution to annihilate the enemy. Rodong
      Sinmun today says this in a signed commentary.
      It goes on:
      Recently the united states published a plan to
      stage joint military exercises "Ulji Focus Lens" from
      august 18 by hurling the South Korean army into them.
      The joint exercises are a test war, a preliminary
      war against the DPRK from a to z in view of its
      nature, content and scale.
      They are fraught with increasing danger as they
      are slated to take place under the touch-and-go
      situation on the Korean Peninsula.
      The U.S. imperialists are putting into practice
      their "arms buildup plan" aimed to arm their forces in
      South Korea with new type ultra-modern weapons and
      their scheme to blockade the DPRK in the sea and the
      air and lay an international siege to it. they do not
      conceal their provocative "Operation Plan 5030" in
      which the outbreak of the Korean War is made an
      established fact. It is against this backdrop that
      they are trying to inveigle South Korea into the joint
      military exercises with an aim to "fully examine" the
      preparations for war of aggression against the DPRK.
      The adventurous moves to stifle the DPRK by force
      pushed forward by the U.S. in all aspects compel the
      DPRK to take strong countermeasures.


      From the Korean Central News Agency Bulletin of 30
      July 2003.


      KCNA flails U.S. strategy for preemptive strike
      Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- "Information" used by
      the United States for justifying the Iraqi War has
      proved totally false, creating a great furor. The Bush
      administration has so far spearheaded the operation to
      scour every nook and corner of Iraq so as to find out
      objective evidence proving Iraq's "possession of
      weapons of mass destruction" which it cited as a
      pretext for starting the Iraqi War. But it has so far
      proved futile, thus driving Washington into a
      political predicament.
      At a time when there is an increasing doubt on the
      international arena about information about "weapons
      of mass destruction" in Iraq, U.S. political and press
      circles are becoming increasingly assertive that the
      Bush administration might distort or hype the
      above-said information when launching the attack on
      It is becoming clearer that the "information" is
      false as those involved in the war expressed their
      understanding of their assertion.
      Much upset by this, the bush regime tried to
      clinch the case by shifting the blame for the leakage
      of false information about the Iraq's "plan for
      purchasing uranium" onto the CIA.
      The Iraqi War broke out as the inspection
      conducted under the pretext of "anti-terrorism"
      demanded disarmament and systematically led to an
      armed attack. It was a war of aggression and state
      terrorism the U.S. unilaterally committed, ignoring
      international law and the united nations, to meet its
      political purpose and economic interests.
      The U.S. intends to apply the same methods to the
      DPRK as it did in the Iraqi War. It was by no means
      before long that the U.S. had to pay a price for
      peddling false "information" about "enriched uranium
      plan" and the suspected "secret underground nuclear
      facility" in Kumchang-ri of the DPRK.
      By nature, the nuclear issue on the Korean
      Peninsula was caused by the policy to stifle the DPRK
      pursued by the U.S. that regards the DPRK as an
      anathema to it, not an issue of whether one develops
      nuclear weapons or not.
      The U.S. council on foreign relations in a recent
      report titled "meeting nuclear challenge of North
      Korea" said that the U.S. should consider pushing
      forward tough measures to the possible scope though it
      does not command full support from regional allies.
      As the document shows, the U.S. is not concealing
      its vicious plot to mount a preemptive military attack
      on the DPRK at any cost under the pretext of the
      nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.
      The escalated reckless moves of the U.S. to carry
      out its strategy for preemptive attack compels the
      army and the people in the DPRK to keep themselves
      fully combat-ready.
      If the U.S., which seems to be upbeat after the
      Iraqi War, goes on with its policy to stifle the DPRK
      without discretion, it will only precipitate its

      From the Korean Central News Agency Bulletin of 30
      July 2003.


      U.S. attempt at preemptive attack under fire.
      Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA)-- The "peaceful method"
      and "dialogue" much touted by the U.S. ruling quarters
      so far as regards the nuclear issue between the DPRK
      and the U.S. are nothing but a clumsy burlesque
      intended to cover up their psychological warfare and
      escalated moves to stifle the DPRK by force such as
      finally examining and comprehensively rounding off a
      new scenario for a war against the DPRK so-called
      "Operation Plan 5030". Rodong Sinmun today says this
      in a signed commentary denouncing the united states
      for having worked out the "Operation Plan 5030", a new
      plan for a war of aggression on the DPRK, aimed at
      mounting a preemptive attack on it behind the curtain
      of "dialogue". The news analyst goes on:
      The U.S. is pushing ahead with the plan to bolster
      up the U.S. forces present in South Korea to mount a
      preemptive attack on the DPRK behind the curtain of
      "dialogue" and stepping up the strategic deployment
      such as transferring its combat equipment involved in
      the Iraqi War to South Korea.
      The U.S. imperialists, while demanding the DPRK
      "drop its nuclear development program before
      dialogue", are stepping up the development of smaller
      nukes to make nuclear strikes at the DPRK's strategic
      targets and underground facilities.
      The "Operation Plan 5030" worked out against this
      backdrop, suggests that the U.S. imperialists'
      provocation of another Korean War is not a hypothesis
      but becoming a reality. But the DPRK has its own
      powerful operation mode to cope with the U.S. war
      If the U.S. dares to ignite another war against
      the DPRK, judging it as its earlier targets of war,
      this would be the most gross mistake ever to be
      committed by it in history.

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