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Re: more Pentagon technology to spy on citizens

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, I wouldn t take much comfort in the technology s inadequacies. Not only because it can
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 3, 2003
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      Dear Kevin,

      I wouldn't take much comfort in the technology's
      inadequacies. Not only because it can be improved
      upon or because the military might have better
      versions (in fact, I'm pretty sure they must or else
      this would be top secret). No, there's another danger
      in that they can use this and regard mistakes as
      "collateral damage".

      Then if they do make a mistaken arrest or even rocket
      the wrong car, we will be told that the tech company
      is at fault, that the cops are faced with
      life-and-death situations every minute, that fighting
      terrorism to protect our liberty is not without a
      price, and all the other crap that they dish out when
      they shoot kids by mistake or arrest or convict people
      who just happen to be handy.

      I don't prefer that their technology be good because a
      lot of the so-called terrorists are really freedom
      fighters, so I'm not interested in their targetting
      the "right people" in the first place. But sloppy
      targetting isn't good for the people either. And
      either way, this is a serious threat.


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