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Popular Front Politbureau statement on continued resistance

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    Here s one resistance group that won t be signing any cease-fire. --Kevin ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Here s the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      Here's one resistance group that won't be signing any cease-fire.


      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      Here's the English translation of yesterday's PFLP
      Politbureau statement for the continuation of the
      intifada and resistance.




      Important Political Declaration
      Issued by the
      Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

      Yes to the intifada and resistance as the choice of
      our people until the end of the occupation!

      Masses of our heroic Palestinian people!

      Heroic intifada and resistance fighters!

      At this time, pressure in various forms and coming
      from various sources is on the rise. This pressure is
      aimed at containment of the intifada and the heroic
      resistance of our people to the Israeli occupation and
      aggression against our land, our people, our rights,
      and our national honor.

      We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of
      Palestine, based on our responsible patriotic
      position, and mindful of the need for the unity of our
      people and in order to clearly address all of our
      Palestinian and Arab masses and all free and decent
      people and all fighters for justice and freedom,
      plainly state the following:

      1. The Israeli occupation and aggression against our
      people constitute the ugliest and most repulsive form
      of systematic state terrorism. Zionist aggression and
      arrogance, the indiscriminate daily attacks on the
      children of our people, the killing off of all forms
      of life, including the uprooting of hundreds of
      thousands of trees and the bulldozing and
      expropriation of hundreds of thousands of dunams of
      cultivated fields, compel our people to resist this
      aggression, to defend their lives, their land, and
      their national rights.

      2. The American Administration has intensified its
      efforts to contain the intifada and the Palestinian
      resistance struggle, that have gone on for more than a
      thousand days now, in preparation for totally crushing
      them. This is in accordance with the repeated
      declarations of this administration to the effect that
      it seeks not only a halt of the resistance struggle;
      it wants the resistance organizations completely
      broken up, the resistance fighters hunted down, and
      the resistance movements completely finished off.

      3. This American pressure is a part of the American
      plan to reorganize the region so as to make it serve
      American interests. This in turn means the
      consecration of the state of Israel as the central and
      decision-making state in this region of the world.

      4. In the framework of this plan, the American
      Administration has worked for the benefit of Israel
      and in complete coordination with it, to put a stop to
      the achievements and the positive effects of the
      intifada, which have begun to afflict the Israeli
      enemy in all spheres � their security, politics, their
      economy, and their society. The intifada has
      compelled the American Administration and the
      government of the criminal Sharon to declare
      officially, openly, and for the first time in their
      history that a Palestinian state is a necessity for
      any solution or peaceful resolution.

      Based on these facts, the Popular Front has worked and
      struggled with all its brothers and comrades in the
      Patriotic and Islamic action movements, with brothers
      in the Palestine Authority and the Palestinian
      Leadership, and with our Arab brothers. We have
      striven to give pride of place to the effort to
      continue the intifada and resistance, and to provide
      all possible types of support and assistance to our
      people that serve to strengthen our trust and that
      embody faithfulness to the martyrs, the wounded, the
      prisoners, and to all those who have made sacrifices
      among our great, heroic, and patiently persevering

      The Popular Front affirms that the continuation of the
      intifada and the resistance, together with other forms
      of struggle, is the path to ridding our people of the
      occupation, to freeing the prisoners and detainees,
      and to the attainment of independence and the return.
      We will continue our efforts on all platforms and in
      all spheres for the continuation of the national
      dialogue with the aim of crystallizing the correct
      national position, and constructing a unified
      Palestinian institution on democratic bases so as to
      bring about the participation of everyone in political
      decision making and in following up on the
      implementation of decisions. We affirm this position
      of ours, even as we accept the principle of respect
      for various interpretations, in particular since some
      of the Patriotic and Islamic action movements have
      taken a position at variance with our position. We
      duly respect the initiative of our brother, President
      Abu Ammar [Yasir Arafat] who sent Brother Saeb Erekat
      to meet our comrade, the General Secretary Ahmad
      Saadat, to convey the viewpoint of President Abu
      Ammar. The Popular Front affirms to everyone that it
      will continue to be avid in its support of sound
      Palestinian national relations in order to deprive the
      enemy of any opportunity to transform the struggle
      against them into a battle among Palestinians on the
      Palestinian Street.

      Long live the intifada and the resistance!

      Glory to the martyrs! Freedom to the prisoners!
      Victory to our people!

      The Political Bureau,
      The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
      The State of Palestine, 29 June 2003.

      Arabic original at:

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