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Re: US urges Zionist penetration of Iraqi market: "The doors are wide open."

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    Dear Eric, The people of Iraq have been very tolerant of their Jewish minority throughout history. I do believe that this will fray their tolerance severely,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2003
      Dear Eric,

      The people of Iraq have been very tolerant of their
      Jewish minority throughout history. I do believe
      that this will fray their tolerance severely,
      especially since they are using an imperialist
      occupation as their shield. For all the false
      accusations of genocide Jews love to spread about
      the German people, this could provoke the real
      thing. Seldom have I observed Jews behaving in
      such an overtly and clearly suicidal manner. Well,
      they deserve it. Karma is a doctrine conspicuously
      absent from the Hebrew religion :-)



      >Dear Kevin,
      >Here's a story from tomorrow's paper. Although it's
      >credited to western news agencies, I haven't found
      >many of these pieces of news in the western media
      >available to me. They show how closely capital and
      >Zionism are intermingled and how the capitalist
      >penetration of the Arab world is to be deepened and
      >"perfected" by the efforts of the Zionsts, and how the
      >US itself is urging the Zionist economic penetration
      >and domination of the Arab world.
      >As-Safir, Beirut, Monday 23 June 2003.
      >Washington pushes �Israeli� companies:
      >Take advantage of the �golden opportunity� in Iraq.
      >The United States yesterday called on �Israeli�
      >companies to take part in the rebuilding of Iraq,
      >affirming that the �road is open to them� and that
      >they should �know . . . how to take advantage of the
      >golden opportunities arrayed before them.� This
      >statement coincided with a visit to Baghdad paid by a
      >delegation of the �Jewish Agency for Immigration� amid
      >a flurry of news reports of Jews attempting to buy
      >land and properties, and of attempts by the Mossad to
      >establish a foothold in Iraq.
      >Meanwhile a number of members of the US Senate from
      >the Republican majoriy and the Democratic opposition
      >said yesterday that the United States will remain in
      >Iraq for years to come. They maintained that the
      >American intervention was poorly prepared and was not
      >clearly explained by the George Bush administration.
      >�Golden Opportunity�
      >US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, John Taylor,
      >gave an interview with Yediot Aharonot, while he was
      >taking part in the world economic forum in Jordan. In
      >the interview he said that �legislation in the
      >economic fields which will be taking place in Iraq in
      >the next few weeks will present a golden opportunity
      >for �Israeli� companies to begin to carry out projects
      >and to invest in Iraq.� He added that �Israeli�
      >participation in the rebuilding of Iraq will push the
      >�Israeli� economy forward.
      >Replying to a question as to whether it was possible
      >for �Israeli� companies to take part in the bidding on
      >developing the basic infrastructure in Iraq, Taylor
      >said, �Naturally. There is nothing preventing that.
      >�Israeli� companies have solid credentials in the
      >areas of advanced technology and infrastructural
      >development. In addition they can sell �Israeli�
      >products in Iraq. This they can do either on their
      >own or through the participation of third parties.
      >Currently there are no limits on importation into
      >Iraq. Imports, rather, are totally free of customs
      >regulations. The doors of the Iraqi market are wide
      >Taylor is responsible for economic policy in the
      >George Bush administration, including economic policy
      >in Iraq. Taylor also occupies the post of General
      >Secretary of the American committee in charge of over
      >seeing the Israeli economy.
      >Immigration Agency.
      >Meanwhile an official of the Jewish Agency, a
      >semi-governmental body that organizes immigration to
      >�Israel,� Jeff Kaiyi, paid a visit to Baghdad and made
      >the first contacts with the Jews of Iraq's capital - a
      >total of 34 individuals � the remnants of one of the
      >most prominent Jewish communities in the world.
      >Kaiyi said that the chief aim of his three-day visit
      >to Baghdad last week was to reassure themselves that
      >the Jews in the city were safe. He told Reuters
      >�immigration was not our purpose,� but he added; �but
      >if individuals expressed the need for that (i.e., to
      >immigrate to 'Israel'), they would not have needed to
      >ask twice. We were ready to do everything in our
      >power to get them out.
      >Kaiyi went on to say that although the Jews of Baghdad
      >had been subject to prepression and confiscation of
      >their property over the years, Saddam Hussein
      >guaranteed that they would not be harmed. Kaiyi said
      >about Saddam: �I believe that it was important for him
      >to show the world that he was opposed to �Israel� but
      >not to the Jews.�
      >Kaiyi said that there were no children among the Jews
      >of Baghdad, half of whom are over 70 years of age.
      >There had been no Jewish weddings in the city since
      >1978. He added that the 34 individuals are the
      >self-declared Jews, but that it was possible that
      >there were other Jews in Baghdad who do not want to
      >draw attention to themselves.
      >Kaiyi brought with him to the Jews of Baghdad Psalm
      >Books and Jewish religious items. He said that there
      >were other delegations whose aim was to bring them
      >assistance as well.
      >The Mossad in Baghdad.
      >The Jewish agency visit came amid allegations by
      >Islamic prayer leaders in sermons, published tracts,
      >and Iraqi press articles that Jews are buying up
      >houses and real estate in Iraq. Such reports led
      >yesterday to a reaction on the part of an Iraqi
      >company that is operating under a contract with the
      >Americans, and about which there had been rumous that
      >it was working for �Israeli� intelligence.
      >Managers in the �al-Qaten� company, which specializes
      >in restoration of houses and buildings, organized a
      >press conference in the �Iqal Hotel to deny charges
      >that they were working for the Mossad and the American
      >Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.).
      >An anonymous pamphlet that has been circulating in
      >Baghdad called on Iraqis not to go to the hotel and
      >warned residents of the Iraqi capital that the Jews
      >�want to buy houses and to take control of the media
      >and commerce.� It appealed to them not to go to the
      >as-Samarra�i Hospital where Jewish doctors are
      >working. A statement posted on the hospital gates
      >yesterday responded to the rumors, saying that �this
      >hospital belongs to Jamal Massah, an Iraqi Arab. It
      >opened its doors ten years ago and will continue to
      >receive all Iraqis.�
      >Ahmad Sinjari, legal affairs and media director in the
      >al-Qaten Company, said that �the source of the rumors
      >was definitely the religious leaders, who had singled
      >out al-Qaten because it was the first company after
      >the war to cooperate with the Americans.�
      >The newspaper �ad-Da�wah� wrote last week in an
      >article entitled, �Secrets of a hotel in al-Karradah�
      >that �a hotel in the middle of the city is receiving a
      >group of Zionists with the aim of buying up houses and
      >palaces that used to belong to officers in the former
      >regime.� Imams in mosques have accused the occupation
      >forces of opening the doors of Iraq �to the Jews.�
      >These statements followed an increase in articles in
      >the local press that discussed the subject. The
      >newspaper �al-Yawm al-Akhar� on Thursday ran a
      >headline saying, �The Jews are buying everything.�
      >�Al-Hilal� wrote that �the Jews have come and are
      >buying things up just as they did in Palestine.� The
      >newspaper �as-Sa�ah� on the same day asked whether the
      >Jews intended to demand the restoration of properties
      >confiscated in 1951. These newspapers quoted
      >residents of Baghdad who confirmed that they had been
      >offered large sums to buy their homes.
      >AFP, AP, Reuters.
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