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Re: DPRK on US embargo threat

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    Dear Eric, Thank you for this news bulletin. I remember reading a short article in which the president of the so-called South Korea warned the DPRK to learn
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2003
      Dear Eric,

      Thank you for this news bulletin. I remember
      reading a short article in which the president
      of the so-called "South Korea" warned the DPRK
      to learn the lesson of the war in Iraq and
      dismantle its nuclear programme.

      If there's a lesson to be learned from Iraq, it
      is that the DPRK must NEVER dismantle its nuclear
      programme and must be prepared to hit the USA and
      any country or portion of a country that helps
      American imperialism with everything they've got.
      Iraq knows it's no use being restrained with

      It is regretable that the Japanese government
      does not understand the necessity of removing
      American bases from its soil, but in so doing
      Japan becomes as legitimate a target as the USA.
      The Japanese people would do well to put pressure
      on Koizumi and parliment to remain neutral in this
      confrontation and remove American bases from Japan.



      >Dear Kevin,
      >Here's an important statement from the Democratic
      >People's Republic of Korea concerning US plans to
      >politically encircle it and impose an embargo upon it.
      >Blockades, by the way, have been regarded as acts of
      >war at least since Napoleonic times. But, of course,
      >the US has a way of screaming about legality when it
      >suits it, while totally ignoring such provisions as
      >are "inconvenient" for it.
      >U.S. warned of catastrophic consequences of its
      >blockade operation against DPRK.
      > Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The move of the Bush
      >group to lay an "international siege network" and
      >conduct a blockade operation against the DPRK is a
      >deliberate and premeditated one to ignite a war on the
      >Korean Peninsula. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a
      >signed commentary.
      > It goes on:
      > The DPRK will take an immediate physical
      >retaliatory step against the U.S. once it judges that
      >its sovereignty is infringed upon by Washington's
      >blockade operation.
      > Explicitly speaking, the DPRK's physical
      >retaliatory step against the U.S. blockade operation
      >include all possible means and ways a sovereign state
      >can take and it is limitless. Nobody can vouch that
      >this blockade operation will not lead to such a
      >serious development as an all-out war.
      > In case a war breaks out between the DPRK and the
      >U.S. the frontline will not be confined to the Korean
      >Peninsula only but every place where aggressors are
      >stationed will be the target of the DPRK's strike.
      > In this regard the DPRK can not but serve a
      >warning to Japan, too. In case a war breaks out on the
      >Korean Peninsula it will immediately spill over into
      >Japan as the territory of Japan is used as a U.S. base
      >of aggression against the DPRK and Japan is fully
      >involved in the U.S. policy to isolate and stifle the
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