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Re: Zionists can't take Road Map demo

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    Dear Eric, Thanks for testing that for me! Evidently the site message is targeted to the electronic address of my computer. I could further test this by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2003
      Dear Eric,

      Thanks for testing that for me! Evidently the site
      message is targeted to the electronic address of my
      computer. I could further test this by trying to send
      a message from a library computer.

      >From what I've read in the bourgeois press, the Road
      Map appears to be a dead issue. Even Bush has abandoned
      it. Hurrah for Hamas and its brave resistance fighters!



      >Dear Kevin,
      >I just followed your link to the Az peace site and
      >posted a rather long rebuttal of the Woloshin. When I
      >looped back and clicked on "sign our guestbook" my
      >message was there. Nowhere was I asked my state or
      >country of residence.
      >Perhaps if they knew, they would exclude me, though it
      >seems to me that restricting comments to residents of
      >a particular state is a rather odd way to handle the
      >issue, since the matters at hand are hardly
      >exclusively related to Arizona.
      >Well, if they want to eliminate my message as being
      >too Texan or too long, it appears they'll have to do
      >that manually.
      >Message No. 6
      >I just happened upon this ill-informed message [i.e.,
      >Woloshin's] and even though it's late I thought I
      >might comment. First the name of the racist Jewish
      >state that has occupied most of Arab Palestine since
      >1948 is spelled "Israel", not "Isreal". Second, it is
      >historically incorrect to maintain that "'Israel' did
      >not start this." Since the Jewish colonists showed up
      >in Arab Palestine uninvited and very much contrary to
      >the will of the Arab population, they most certainly
      >DID "start it." The battle there is between a
      >colonial settler group that squated on Arab
      >Palestinian land and proclaimed themselves an
      >exclusivist state for Jews, i.e., excluding the local,
      >native population. The Zionist Jews have ever since
      >then demanded that the Arabs accept this gross act of
      >theft and on-going occupation of their country by a
      >racist group. When the Arabs refused to accept this
      >rape, the Zionists said they must "protect their
      >interests" and proceded to murder Palestinians in
      >Palestine and to expand and occupy territory of other
      >Arab states as well. Quite naturally, no Arab is
      >inclined to recognize or accept the racist Zionist
      >occupation of Palestine and concomittant aggression
      >against other Arab countries plus brutal suppression
      >of Palestinian gentiles in the "Jewish state".
      >What surprises me, in fact, is that anyone would think
      >that there is some good to be gained by establishing
      >in international practice such principles as "might
      >makes right", and that invaders, by virtue of their
      >powerful armament, must be welcomed wherever they
      >might seek to establish a colony.
      >Mr. Woloshin insists that this is a story with two
      >sides. It is indeed, as with all struggles over
      >material interests. On the one hand there are the
      >Arab Palestinians who claim a right to national
      >self-determination, and to fighting with any means
      >necessary against the invader and occupier that denies
      >them that right and has done so in practice since
      >1948. Then there is the other side that regards the
      >Jews as a chosen people who have a right to override
      >others' claims to liberty in their own land and who
      >feel that by virtue of the powerful weapons and big
      >friends at their command (i.e., "by God") they have a
      >"right" to whatever they steal, and a "right" moreover
      >to commit further crimes to keep those stolen goods.
      >There were two sides in the days of slavery too - one
      >side insisted on the right of those with money to buy
      >whatever they wished, including another human being.
      >The other side wanted to limit private property in the
      >name of economic freedom from an extreme form of
      >We were free to chose sides then as regards slavery as
      >today we are at liberty to take up positions regarding
      >the seizure and occupation of territory by force and
      >the denial of the right of self-determination. Since
      >Mr. Woloshin says that the Racist colony on stolen
      >Palestinian land "MUST survive," I infer that he is in
      >favour of at least one group of armed invaders having
      >the "right" to conquer and occupy others' countries.
      >I support the other side of this two-sided issue, the
      >side demanding an end of the occupation of Palestine
      >and self determination for the Arab Palestinian people
      >in their homeland. In keeping with this position, I
      >am strongly in favour of acting against "Israel" not
      >only on 6/5/03 but every day.
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