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Jihad Unspun on Iraq Resistance, Guantanamo

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    Eric Mueller sends us some fascinating information. --Kevin Walsh ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin, Here s an interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2003
      Eric Mueller sends us some fascinating information.

      --Kevin Walsh

      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      Here's an interesting bulletin published on the Jihad
      Unspun website.


      They're getting even more enterprising there --
      selling videos on the 19 September martyrs, and tote
      bags with pictures of militants of the "al-Aqsa
      Intifada Brigades" members on them.

      I still can't figure out who they are, but the do
      contribute some good stuff.

      As to this particular press release, I would be
      happier if other Iraqi resistance groups corroborated
      its contents, but perhaps they don't want to overlap





      New Report From The Arab Mujahideen In Iraq
      May 27, 2003
      Source: Rightword.net, Translated By JUS

      We remind our viewers that the statements, opinions
      and points of view expressed in this article are those
      of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that
      they are necessarily those of Jihad Unspun, the
      publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff.

      The headquarter of the Arab volunteers in Iraq
      released a new report about their operations all over
      the Iraqi territories against the American troops. The
      volunteers criticized the mass media for their
      negligence of the Jihad news as they did before in
      Afghanistan so that they transmit news about battles
      that took place a year ago; however, if such pieces of
      news had been transmitted straight away, the Muslims
      would have seen the defeat of the Americans and the
      truth about their lies. The report added that the
      Americans always manipulate the mass media to frighten
      the Muslim youth from the phony power of the
      Crusaders. The volunteers confirmed that they are
      concerned about collecting evidences for the news
      about their operations, and they managed to video some
      of their new operations. The report reviewed the
      situation of the American aggression after more than a
      month for the American claims about controlling Iraq.

      The Political State

      So far, there is no government with an actual and
      organized authority, and all the attempts to place a
      new Iraqi government have failed. A fake military
      government rules from its hiding place in Baghdad. If
      the Americans are credible in their claims about
      controlling Iraq why did not they arrest the Iraqi
      President Saddam Hussein? Why have they failed to
      arrest any of the prominent figures in the Saddam
      regime? Why did they not show the photos of the Iraqi
      leaders they claimed to arrest like they did with Amer
      Al-Sasdi, said to be one of Saddam's counselors? Why
      did they not deploy their troops and construct
      permanent camps in major locations? Why did the
      American oil companies not start operating the
      Northern oil fields, which are the best equipped and
      prepared to produce? There are many questions that
      show the deteriorating political situation in Iraq and
      the return of chaos and lack of security reveals the
      truth of the American presence in the Iraqi

      The Economic State

      The American aggression on Iraq was financed by the
      confiscated of Iraqi assets and aid by neighboring
      countries. The American government did not incur any
      sum from its treasury; it was supported by some
      American companies in return for allowing them to
      participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.
      Nevertheless, the longer the duration of the war, the
      higher the burden on the Americans that will
      definitely result in debts from waging its aggression.
      Assuming a new attack that hits the American economy
      like the ones of the 11th of September, the Crusaders'
      power will come to an end.

      The Military State

      The American troops divided Iraq into 4 closed
      military areas and 2 open ones, which is evidence that
      they have adopted a defensive position despite their
      claims to control the country. The Mujahideen attacks
      have increased significantly, paving the way for
      large-scale operations such as the battle of Tekrit
      where the Americans were defeated and kicked out of
      the city. The other battles that took place are
      described below.

      The Battle Of Tukrit 14th Of May

      Large numbers of American troops moved to Tukrit in
      order to show their control of the city. On the other
      hand, the Mujahideen and the Iraqi forces preferred to
      wait for several days before the 14th of May until the
      Americans took their defensive locations and had
      established permanent checkpoints and constructed a
      logistic support site.

      The Iraqi headquarter�s and the Mujahideen decided to
      put a plan for a major assault from 3 different
      directions; two internal and one external. As soon as
      the attack began, the external division of the
      Mujahideen and the special Iraqi forces destroyed the
      logistics site and the nearby operations center where
      all the American leaders inside the building were
      killed immediately. After few moments of the end of
      the external attack, the bilateral internal battles
      began and the Iraqi citizens participated courageously
      in the fight against the Crusaders who preferred to
      hide in the city. This attack lasted for 6 hours
      before the Americans evacuated Tekrit having incurred
      significant losses. The American headquarters location
      was destroyed and all the Crusaders inside it were
      killed in addition to more than 150 soldiers guarding
      the location, 15 Abrams tanks, 7 armored vehicles, 2
      Apache helicopters and a number of Hummers. Seven
      Mujahideen and fourteen of the Iraqi troops were
      martyred. (The battle was video recorded and will be
      released soon).

      The Battle Of Baghdad 14th Of May

      On the same day of the battle of Tekrit, Mujahideen
      attacked 3 locations with martyrdom operations that
      were followed by intense fighting near American
      checkpoints. This attack resulted in the total
      destruction of the three American positions and the
      death of a large number of their soldiers. In addition
      to those who carried out the three martyrdom
      operations a number of the Mujahideen were also
      martyred in the battle. (This operation was also video

      The Battles In Basra

      The British government realized that the situation is
      unfavorable for its troops; the Iraqi cake was
      acquired by the US that is expected to neglect the
      British share, and there is no Iraqi government that
      may look forward to set economic cooperation with the
      British. Therefore, the British government is thinking
      seriously about leaving Iraq, but tries to find strong
      pretexts in public opinion.

      On the 20th of May, Mujahideen devastated the British
      headquarter outside Basra for the fourth time. The
      Mujahideen used a new type of explosives for the first
      time in this major operation that was also recorded.
      The situation is still skeptical and unsafe for the
      British troops, and it should be noted that the
      present troops in the city were replaced by new groups
      of British soldiers.

      The Battles In Mosul, Irbil And Kirkuk

      The American troops do their best to control the area
      and remove landmines in order to pave the way for the
      American firms to operate the oil fields, but the
      technique of the Mujahideen is to launch guerilla
      operations that destroy all the facilities as they are
      erected. A number of soldiers and workers have been
      killed in these operations and the workers of the oil
      firms refuse to work in the area.

      In one of these operations, 2 Iraqi missiles were
      launched when an American oil company started its work
      in the oil fields; one of the missiles hit a building
      under repair for the company which led to a huge fire
      that claimed the lives of a number of the company's
      workers. The other missile hit a supporting location
      for the company.

      On the 7th of May, the center of the agent Iraqi
      national party was destroyed and a number of soldiers
      guarding it were killed. Three of the party's members
      were captured who are devoted agents of the Crusaders
      including Shaqiq Al-Samraii and Rafiq Al-Samraii, and
      were put to death. The operation was recorded as well
      and will be released soon if Allah wills.


      US Plans Death Camp At Guantanamo Bay
      May 27, 2003
      Source: Herald Sun

      [Australian paper?]

      The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a
      death camp, with its own death row and execution
      chamber. Prisoners would be tried, convicted and
      executed without leaving its boundaries, without a
      jury and without right of appeal, The Mail on Sunday
      newspaper reported yesterday.

      The plans were revealed by Major-General Geoffrey
      Miller, who is in charge of 680 suspects from 43
      countries, including two Australians. The suspects
      have been held at Camp Delta on Cuba without charge
      for 18 months. General Miller said building a death
      row was one plan. Another was to have a permanent
      jail, with possibly an execution chamber.

      The Mail on Sunday reported the move is seen as
      logical by the US, which has been attacked worldwide
      for breaching the Geneva Convention on prisoners of
      war since it established the camp at a naval base to
      hold alleged terrorists from Afghanistan. But it has
      horrified human rights groups and lawyers representing
      detainees. They see it as the clearest indication
      America has no intention of falling in line with
      internationally recognised justice.

      The US has already said detainees would be tried by
      tribunals, without juries or appeals to a higher
      court. Detainees will be allowed only US lawyers.
      British activist Stephen Jakobi, of Fair Trials
      Abroad, said: "The US is kicking and screaming against
      any pressure to conform with British or any other kind
      of international justice."

      American law professor Jonathan Turley, who has led US
      civil rights group protests against the military
      tribunals planned to hear cases at Guantanamo Bay,
      said: "It is not surprising the authorities are
      building a death row because they have said they plan
      to try capital cases before these tribunals. "This
      camp was created to execute people. The administration
      has no interest in long-term prison sentences for
      people it regards as hard-core terrorists."

      Britain admitted it had been kept in the dark about
      the plans. A Downing St spokesman said: "The US
      Government is well aware of the British Government's
      position on the death penalty."

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