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Re: Arizonan Muslim FBI informer/Phony anti-Zionists surface again

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Ibrahim, That is indeed strange. Perhaps some of the clips were to a different weapon that they failed to mention, or perhaps it was just some kind
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2003
      >>Subject: Arizonan Muslim FBI informer and bounty hunter arrested in Mexico
      >>Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 10:01:42 -0700 (MST)
      >>The following article, attributed to Republic staff and wire reports,
      >>A Mexican newspaper reported Collins was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle
      >>he was arrested. Police also found six ammunition cartridges containing
      >>270 rounds, 12 grenades and night-vision equipment.
      >That doesn't make sense Kevin. A clip of an AK-47 contains thirty rounds.
      >six clips times thirty is 180 rounds, not 270. Or else, if we're talking
      >about the less common forty-round clips, then six clips times forty is 240
      >rounds, which is still not 270! I hope the 12 grenades were not eggplants
      >or something else he was going to cook either!

      Dear Ibrahim,

      That is indeed strange. Perhaps some of the clips were to a different
      weapon that they failed to mention, or perhaps it was just some kind of
      misprint. On the other hand if they meant six EXTRA clips, plus the
      one in the AK-47, the numbers could conceivably work if one of the clips
      was a thirty-round type and all the others were forty-round clips.
      These details are important. Mr. Irving has found out about many sham
      writings that way. For example, the peculiar occurrence of Anne Frank
      being the only person in Europe who had a ball-point pen in 1944 :-)

      >Either way, check out this rebuttal that I just wrote to a post I received
      >for a new anti-Zionist and anti-racist listserv.
      >Uncovering Fake Anti-Zionism:
      >Perhaps we should ask ourselves what the purpose of this new 'anti-racist'
      >grouping (below) is supposed to be. Who does it target exactly, and why?
      >Regardless of the wording, if I understood this allegedly 'anti-racist'
      >gathering correctly, and I am open to corrections, it seeks to educate
      >anti-Zionists to become Jew-sensitive.
      >If this is the purpose of this group, then there is something wrong just
      >with equating sensitivity towards the oppressed with sensitivity towards
      >oppressors. In fact, these anti-Zionists would do much better by educating
      >Jews in anti-Zionism than in educating us in anti-Judaism. There is
      >something very wrong here folks!
      >Secondly, are we supposed to cease all discussion now of the "holocaust" as
      >a tool of Zionist propaganda under the pretext that constitutes
      >anti-Judaism? Or are we supposed to never ever allude to the research
      >findings of people like Israel Shahak, for example, on the ideological
      >affinity between Zionism and some mainstream interpretations of Judaic
      >script? Or are we supposed to start being sensitive to the human rights of
      >Jewish invaders in Palestine that are constantly being violated by
      >LEGITIMATE Palestinian human bombs? I don't know! It seems to me like
      >these 'anti-Zionists' are setting up genuine anti-Zionists for a gag order..
      >Thirdly, if we examine carefully the target group of this suspicious
      >message, and its pro-Jewish content, at a time when being truly anti-Zionist
      >must mean one is primarily pro-Palestinian, we have to legitimately wonder
      >which branch of the Zionist movement is behind it. For too many years now
      >we have had to tangle with 'progressives' who insist that they support
      >Palestinian rights except that they ask us to do two things: 1) embrace the
      >hollowcause, and 2) accept the legitimacy of the Jewish presence in
      >Palestine, and as a corollary, oppose the human bombs tactic. In fact,
      >these are neither progressives nor anti-Zionists at all. They are simply
      >fifth columnists in the anti-Zionist movement worldwide. Thus, I will say
      >to all Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and supporters of the Palestinian cause
      >everywhere: BEWARE OF FAKE ANTI-ZIONISM. It only seeks to convert you from
      >pro-Palestinian to Jew-loving at a time when loving Jews is no different
      >from loving Germans during WWII.
      >Ibrahim Alloush

      Excellent! I agree 100%!



      >Announcing a New List Serve on Anti-Racism and Anti-Zionism.
      >International Activists, increasingly concerned about issues of racism
      >within the Anti-Zionist movement, and aware of the need for increased
      >analysis for informed activism, have joined together to host a new
      >listserve; The Forum on Anti-Racism and Anti-Zionism (FARAZ). This list is
      >open to anyone interested in anti-racist, anti-Zionist work and dialogue to
      >empower and inform that work.
      >The Forum is established to explore and analyze racism, including
      >anti-Jewish racism, anti-Arab racism and Islamaphobia.
      >The Forum opposes all forms of racism, recognizing Judeophobia as active
      >forms of racism which contribute to injustice and marginalization, and which
      >can only be understood and combated in the context of racist societies, not
      >explained and understood through looking at Jewish history and society
      >alone. The Forum believes that Zionism is nationalist and exclusive in
      >origin and racist in its practice both towards those that it determines to
      >be non-Jews, and Jews as well.
      >The Forum is committed to the liberation and self-determination of
      >Palestinians, opposed to Israel's occupation of Palestine, and in support of
      >the Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees. It opposes Israel's
      >illegal and unjust seizure of Palestinian territory since the beginning of
      >the Zionist colonization of Palestine.
      >The Forum does not equate legitimate criticism of Israel, including the
      >existence of Israel as an exclusive Jewish state, with racism. At the same
      >time, The Forum is aware of the danger of anti-Jewish racism, including its
      >infiltration into some sectors of the Palestine liberation and solidarity
      >movements. Judeophobia within progressive movements diminishes the
      >credibility and efficacy of these movements in general and causes divisions
      >in the struggle for a free and just world and in particular for the
      >liberation of the Palestinian people.
      >Members of this list need to be dedicated to anti-racist work and analysis.
      >Applicants should write an introduction on their interest in the group.
      >There is no moderation of members' contributions, recognizing the importance
      >of free and open discussion to the development of ideas and political social
      >change, but hate speech and patently racist statements are not considered to
      >be appropriate contributions to the list and may result in exclusion of the
      >proponent of such positions.
      >To join this list:
      >-The FARAZ Collective
      >Paola Canarutto: Physician, active in Ebrei contro L'occupazione (Jews
      >against the Occupation) Italy
      >Shraga Elam, Israeli peace and human rights activist, Anti-nationalist and
      >investigative journalist, Co-founder; Palaestina-Aufbau-Projekte
      >(Palestinian-Reconstruction-Projects)/ Zurich-Switzerland
      >Tanya C. Hsu: Middle Eastern Policy Analyst, Writer, Board Member; American
      > Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (Media) - GA Chapter, Palestine Media
      >Watch Leader, Officer; Mensa Ltd.
      >Roland Rance: Socialist, Trade union and anti-Zionist activist, London.
      >Former editor; News From Within and Return Magazine.
      >Emma Rosenthal: Executive Director; The Writing Empowerment Project,
      >Executive Producer; Cafe Intifada!, Human rights activist, Educator, Artist,
      >Writer. Living in Southern California
      >Abraham Weizfeld: Ph.D. Political Science and Law, (pending), Anti-war
      >activist-organizer, Second generation survivor, Director; community centre
      >La Galerie Fokus in Montreal.
      >Chris Wrinn: Artist, Human and animal rights activist, Environmentalist,
      >Marketing and advertising professional based in New Haven, Connecticut.
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