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Gunbattle in al-Falluja

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    Eric Mueller has translated the following report from the Arabic- language London newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi describing recent battles in Iraq. --Kevin
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2003
      Eric Mueller has translated the following report from the Arabic-
      language London newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi describing recent
      battles in Iraq.


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      Dear Kevin,

      I mentioned an attack in al-Falluja last night. Here,
      from tomorrow's paper is a fuller account of that
      incident. Since it relies mostly on Iraqi
      eyewitnesses and one American military spokesman (whos
      name is spelled as best as I can reconstruct it) it
      makes no mention of US casualties. Notice, however,
      the duration of the gunbattle.




      Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Friday, 23 May 2003.

      Americans kill two Iraqis in a new case of
      indiscriminate gunfire in al-Falluja.

      Al-Falluja (Iraq) � Khaled Ya'qub 'Uways. Armed men
      fired rockets at an American armoured vehicle in the
      troubled town of al-Falluja late on Wednesday,
      impelling American forces to respond by opening fire.
      Two martyrs fell as a result of the American gunfire.
      Iraqi residents accused the American soldiers of
      firing indiscriminately.

      Captain Mike Riedmueller, the American commander
      responsible for the Fox unit that occupies al-Falluja,
      that his forces were attacked by rockets and AK-47
      gunfire while they were on patrol in the city.

      He added, we were subjected to sniper fire from
      rooftops and we returned fire for an hour or two.

      The incident led to an intensification of tension in
      the town, which witnessed clashes between American
      forces and local residents after the fall of the
      Saddam Hussein regime. At least 15 Iraqis were killed
      in clashes between demonstrators and the American
      forces last month.

      On May 1st, an explosion in the town left seven
      American soldiers wounded. Residents recall that they
      have heard the sound of explosions in the center of
      al-Falluja that is located 50 kilometers northwest of
      Baghdad at 11 p.m on Wednesday (19:00 GMT). Rocket
      projectiles were still to be found in the area of the
      battles yesterday. A number of shops were destroyed.
      Residents reported that the American forces opened
      fire indiscriminately apparently in the direction of
      the center of town after coming under attack. Two
      people riding in a small truck that happened to be
      driving by the place were killed. The wreckage of
      their vehicle is still there.

      Safi Jaber, an eyewitness, said that they were firing
      in every direction. Later the Americans stopped an
      ambulance that was attempting to approach the truck.
      Residents said that a small American tank struck the

      Riedmueller, however, denied that and said that it was
      the truck that ran into the American armored vehicle,
      and it was at that point that the soldiers opened fire
      on the Iraqis inside the truck.

      One of the victims was a youth aged 19 by the name of
      Hadi Jaber. Khalil Ibrahim, an electrical engineer
      for Reuters, said he was supposed be getting married

      Residents reported that the American soldiers raided
      their homes searching for the attackers. The soldiers
      later withdrew from the industrial zone in which the
      attack occurred, but their patrols continued to make
      their rounds in other parts of the city.

      Iyyad Qubayssi said, while standing in front of his
      shop where he sells spare parts, and which was
      destroyed, "Saddam never would destroy our homes. Is
      this the liberation that they talk about?" (Meaning
      the American President, George Bush).
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