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the Saddam Hussein tape and the blond Iraqi prostitute

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    ================= Begin forwarded message ================= Dear Kevin ... Not as far as I can tell, I found the sound just very uneven and hard to make out in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
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      Dear Kevin

      --- K J WALSH <thekoba@...> wrote:
      > Do you think the Aussies censored anything important
      > from
      > what you can tell between the Arabic tape and what
      > was
      > printed in English?

      Not as far as I can tell, I found the sound just very
      uneven and hard to make out in some places --
      especially the places that they didn't transcribe.

      Ibrahim tried a link he found to the recording and it
      didn't work and I don't think he ever tried any
      alternatives, so I never got to hear his reaction.
      Other (written) messages have come along since. I
      plan to listen to it again having gone into my system
      and increased the volume in various places -- but
      preferably will await some time when I am alone so as
      not to blast everyone else.

      By the way they are hopefully adding several messages
      to the FAV website in the next few hours, including a
      Saddam message published today in al-Quds al-Arabi (I
      hope. Things have been a bit behind at the site,
      apparently, though I try not to get behind or else I'd
      be too lazy to translate a big mountain of stuff all
      at once!)

      As to the article below, one
      > wonders
      > why an Iraqi woman would want to dye her hair blond.

      This is an interesting and thought-provoking
      phenomenon, actually, but somehow the non-Nordic
      peoples of the world are very much drawn to blondes.
      I had a good friend from Malaysia years ago -- a small
      guy with the build of a fifth grader who said he grew
      a beard because some guy once tried to pick him up
      (thinking he was female) -- who confessed that he had
      a tremendous infatuation with statuesque blondes.

      Then a good Pakistani friend of mine back in the 1970s
      was very much taken with all the blonde mondels of the

      It's probably impossible to separate the admiration
      for power and wealth of the west, plus the impact of
      western TV and films on these people's psyche from
      their purely innate aesthetic sense -- if there is
      such a thing.

      In other words, so long as the imperialists rule the
      earth there might be a subconscious feeling that
      "blonde is beautiful" BECAUSE blondes are associated
      with the ruling racial group in the world, making them
      a symbol for the pinnacle of beauty as they are at the
      top of the social "pecking order".

      But I'm not entirely sure that the phenomenon can be
      limited to that. Apart from north Europeans,
      basically, (and groups presumably mixed with them in
      North Africa and the Middle East) hair is black or
      very dark brown everywhere in the world. Blond hair,
      red hair, even light brown "dishwater blond" hair are
      all relatively rare in the world if one takes the
      global population as a whole, and rare things are
      often admired (though deformities are also frequently

      If you ever get hold of an Indian magazine like India
      Today or an Indian newspaper check out the personal
      columns. The same is true of Egyptian papers, if you
      can find them in English. Though few single males
      would say that they were looking for blonde Indian or
      Egyptian females (since they'd be condemned to keep
      their ad in the paper a very long time that way) many
      do stipulate a preference for women with a "wheaten"
      complexion -- i.e., lighter skinned.

      As with blondes, this could be a psychological
      reflection of the domination of the western
      imperialists for the last several centuries, and more
      recently the domination of western films and TV in
      setting international "standards" of beauty.

      Until the social order is totally upset
      internationally, however, it will be difficult to
      ascertain whether that preference is purely social or
      if there is indeed some innate tendency for a large
      part of the population to prefer blonde hair and
      lighter skin colour, particularly as elements of
      female "beauty."

      As far as I know, the only "scientific" check we have
      at present is the fact that in the imperial period of
      the Roman Empire, surviving literature indicates that
      it was common for Roman women of the upper class to
      bleach or dye their hair blonde. The Germans at that
      time were famous for being blond but they were
      certainly not a dominant economic or social force in
      the Roman world, and I would think that even the
      reputation of Germans as good mercenary warriors would
      not in itself encourage people to see blonde women as

      So it seems to me that it is possible (though
      controversial) that a large percentage of the world's
      population, even without the "benefit" of imperialist
      culture, might tend to view light-skinned,
      light-haired females as more attractive than their
      darker sisters.


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