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Re: Arab woman on Arab women's rights

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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, Take away the feudal part, and that actually sounds like a very accurate description of elections in the imperialist countries :-) It s not as
    Message 1 of 3 , May 10, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >You wrote:
      >Too many
      >> countries have won the liberation war only to lose
      >> the
      >> peace due to continued dependence on imperialist
      >> trade.
      >> Algeria is one example. Vietnam is another. An
      >> Arab
      >> economy based on the needs of the people and self-
      >> reliance will have to be established. That is also
      >> a
      >> necessary pre-condition for the liberation of Arab
      >> women.
      >Yes, indeed. And some sort of economic development is
      >also the material basis for democracy as Ibrahim has
      >been telling the people who complained about the lack
      >of democracy in various Arab regimes, including that
      >of Saddam Hussein.
      >You can't expect democracy to drop out of nowhere.
      >Saddam was trying to industrialise the country and
      >develop it on an independent and inter-Arab basis.
      >From a purely capitalist point of view, that is
      >counterproductive and wasteful because your
      >investments yield a higher monetary return if you put
      >them in western banks than if you put them into
      >factories, etc. But he was working at it and out of
      >some sort of economic development can come democratic
      >But if somebody thinks that they can have "democracy"
      >even formal multi-party voting silliness, without a
      >material social basis, they are sadly mistaken. In
      >fact it was tried already in the 1930s and 1940s when
      >most Arab countries were colonies and semi-colonies
      >and Egypt and Iraq both had multi-party systems in
      >constitutional monarchies. There were elections,
      >parties came and went -- and the people were happy to
      >see it all thrown out the window when Nasser and the
      >Free Officers took over in Egypt.
      >Why prefer a military junta to an elected parliament
      >and primeminister? Because the parliament and
      >primeminister had to conform to the basic requirements
      >laid down by the British embassy. Naturally, nobody
      >talked about land reform or nationalisation of
      >industry or any other sorts of major social changes.
      >As a result, the elections were stupid personality
      >contests among feudal politicians whose main
      >principles could be summed up as "Me, me, me."

      Dear Eric,

      Take away the feudal part, and that actually sounds
      like a very accurate description of elections in the
      imperialist countries :-) It's not as if Bush v. Gore
      or Clinton v. Dole involved much more than personalities
      and window-dressing on the same old Zionism and

      >So now that the US claims to be installing democracy,
      >it is, in fact, going down a road that already has
      >been travelled, even though it's a little old and
      >overgrown now. And now that Bush has called for a
      >"Middle Eastern free trade zone" within 10 years
      >(i.e., a Middle Eastern "Israel" plus some cheap
      >labour Arab backyard) it should be pretty obvious what
      >kind of economic base they are planning to lay down
      >and how little it's going to support any real
      >democracy or women's rights.

      Under this "free trade", Arab women will gain the
      right to be unemployed or to work for a pittance,
      the right to have no access to child care or health
      care, the right to have no access to education, the
      right to be prostitutes, the right to choose among
      several Zionist stooges when voting, the right to
      easy divorce, the right to have their children
      neglected, the right to dress like a slut and be
      treated as such, and overall to suffer imperialist
      oppression with nominal equality with men. Hurrah
      for feminism and western democracy!


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