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  • thekoba@aztecfreenet.org
    ... Dear Eric, As Trotskyites go, the WWP is not an especially bad bunch, though I have my differences with them, and they consider me to be a white
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >There's an organization mainly based in Seattle called
      >Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist. I
      >think their URL is www.vvawai.org
      >They have an article there about supporting the troops
      >while opposing a war and they are against such a
      >They seem to be, as an organization, under the
      >influence of that Workers World group which supports
      >the Iraqi people and has published one article
      >favourable to the position of women in Iraq under
      >Saddam Husayn, but which in general avoids all mention
      >of the Iraqi leadership, sticking with "the Iraqi
      >people" formula. Then one finds lots of Jew names
      >among their writers.
      >They're clearly better than the CPUSA, but that's not
      >saying much.
      >Anyhow, the VVAWAI does have an article or two about
      >that notion of supporting the troops but not the war
      >that might be useful.
      >Personally when one says "support the troops" I take
      >that to mean "support them doing what they are doing."
      > That is the common notion. True, one can rationalise
      >it and say that I mean something different from
      >everyone else when I parrot their slogans.
      >I could even say that I "support our troops" by which
      >I mean the Iraqi troops, since I regard them as
      >fighting for the oppressed and exploited, to which
      >group I also belong.
      >I could wave the stars and stripes and say that Bush
      >represents ZOG and therefore I am the true American
      >and he isn't.
      >And so forth.
      >But if I wave the US flag and say I support our
      >troops, that will help swell the pro-war chorus, even
      >if I have convinced myself that I mean something
      >I mean, if I say "I support president Bush" no
      >rational person would interpret that as meaning that I
      >think he should resign immediately and seek the
      >psychological help he needs while devoting the rest of
      >his life to theraputic collective labour.
      >If I say "I support president Bush" every normal
      >person will understand from that that I agree with
      >most or all of what he's doing.
      >The same goes for "support the troops". The phrase is
      >not taken to mean, "I support them as they mutiny."
      >Also, those who claim that they oppose the war but
      >support the troops because of all the suffering and
      >heartache they're going through, must also then say
      >that they support the Iraqi troops. If that sticks in
      >their craw, then what they really mean is that they
      >still think that the GIs are fighting for the American
      >people and they side with them. That is a very
      >reactionary view.
      >Of course it's worth while to remember that the
      >military personnel in many cases are extremely naive
      >and young individuals who join the military to get a
      >job, to travel, to be able to go to college. Their
      >naive patriotism and idealism are manipulated by the
      >cynical Jewish Zionists and monopolists who run the US
      >and don't care what the people in uniform have to go
      >through, despite all their jingoism and flag waving.
      >But when they go off to participate in an aggressive
      >war, they are committing a war crime. When they are
      >killed in the commission of a crime, well, they are
      >receiving punishment -- just like a shoplifter who is
      >shot by the night clerk on duty. It's too bad that
      >they were induced to go astray by the "gangsters" who
      >run the country. But like the youngster who is
      >arrested for some crime and says, "I just went along
      >with the gang; I didn't know they were going to do
      >anything illegal," that defense is inadequate to wipe
      >out their shared guilt.

      Dear Eric,

      As Trotskyites go, the WWP is not an especially bad
      bunch, though I have my differences with them, and they
      consider me to be a white supremacist. I was very
      impressed by the Greek Trotskyites who were translated
      on the Free Arab Voice (unfortunately no tactical
      report there this evening). They have a proper
      understanding of the meaning of dictatorship and
      democracy and how it fits in with the anti-imperialist


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