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    ... Dear Eric, I suppose it doesn t help that the U.S. military has a habit of recruiting from the lumpenproletariat. I wouldn t be surprised if half of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2003
      >Dear Kevin,
      >I was up all night with the news and also reading
      >through some Russian things. The Iraqi ambassador
      >gave a beautiful speech to the Russian Union of
      >Writers and the writers have reciprocated, voting to
      >bring Bush and Blair before the world court as war
      >The Russian writers and also people writing an Zavtra,
      >a kind of nationalist Communist paper said how Saddam
      >is standing in Baghdad just as Stalin stood in Moscow,
      >one wrote that the battle of Baghdad is the battle of
      >Moscow because Iraq is defending interests against US
      >expansion, etc. so he closed his article with the
      >words: "Oh Russian, what are you going to do to help
      >None of that crap about being against America and
      >Iraqi TV was knocked off the air again -- the fourth
      >or fifth time, but it's now back. I haven't heard any
      >news bulletins unfortunately but they went and talked
      >to a group of Baath Party activists in uniform -- some
      >old guys, and one woman too. And you should have
      >heard what thei commander was saying. Stuff about how
      >they were there to put a stop to Zionism. He said
      >there were an American general there he'd tell him
      >that he's a general playing the role of a highway
      >robber to steal the wealth of a people. He said he'd
      >tell him to go back to his dollars on Wall Street and
      >leave Iraq alone. He or another in the group said
      >"we're not here to fight the Americans; we're here to
      >butcher them!"
      >The Iraqi representative to the Arab League in Cairo
      >said yesterday that there are 5,000 volunteers in Iraq
      >to fight the aggressors (the Vice President the day
      >before had said 6,000, actually) but the
      >representative in Cairo also mentioned that the
      >volunteers come from all the Arab countries and
      >elsewhere INCLUDING the United States and Britain!!
      >Those are the true Americans, the ones who kill the
      >stupid mercenaries in the service of the Jews and the
      >bloodsuckers of the peoples if they are so brazen as
      >to launch aggression on other peoples. They wave the
      >stars and stripes, but they're fighting for alien
      >Those Jews even lied to Bush himself, telling him that
      >the war would be easy, a walkover, in order to make
      >sure that they could get their war fought by the US
      >The Iraqi TV broadcast a statement from a Father Yunan
      >representing the Greek Orthodox church in which he
      >denouned the tripartite American-British-Zionist
      >aggression. He mentioned that the Jews stood guilty
      >until Judgement Day for what they did to Jesus. He
      >said that the patriarch of their church in Damascus
      >had called on all Christians to work to stop the
      >aggression and punish those guilty of the aggression.
      >A Muslim religious leader said it had become a
      >personal individual obligation on all Muslims men and
      >women to fight, not just with words but with weapons
      >against the aggressors. He said they were being
      >stopped in other Muslim countries but that it was
      >their obligation to disobey the authorities and to
      >They have shown a tank called Cojon or something which
      >they said was American but built in "Israel." It was
      >supposed to be resistant to explosion, but they talked
      >to a helmeted major in the Iraqi military who told
      >that they had blown it up and it was the first tank to
      >attack Baghdad (around the Saddam Airport), and they
      >had blown it up.
      >I've just lost Iraq TV's signal. Probably they were
      >bombed again.
      >I think Ibrahim's latest war bulletin should be up on
      >the FAV site. The Russians are back too with theirs.
      >The Russian bulletin tells of the outrages committed
      >by the mercenaries in occupied Iraq. In one case the
      >shot a man, then raped and shot his wife in the course
      >of "searching for resistors." It reports that they've
      >been taken to Qatar for investigation and the US
      >military are planning to draw up policies to prohibit
      >this! I guess "our boys and girls" didn't realize
      >that rape and murder were inappropriate forms of
      >behaviour. Well, why should they?
      >Al-Jazeera too has reported crimes by the occupation
      >troops -- theft more than anything. These scum from
      >the richest country on earth steal from people who've
      >been embargoed and starved for 13 years!!
      >What more can be said about such animals?
      >Long Live Iraq! Long Live Saddam Husayn!

      Dear Eric,

      I suppose it doesn't help that the U.S. military has
      a habit of recruiting from the lumpenproletariat. I
      wouldn't be surprised if half of "our troops" are high
      on methamphetamine or cocaine and being supplied by
      their officers. As to the solution, those who willingly
      help the Jews should suffer the same fate as the Jews.


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