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a statement from Ibrahim Alloush

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    Eric Mueller sends us this statement from Dr. Ibrahim Alloush made upon his release from a Jordan jail. Dr. Alloush, editor of the Free Arab Voice, had
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
      Eric Mueller sends us this statement from Dr. Ibrahim Alloush made
      upon his release from a Jordan jail. Dr. Alloush, editor of the Free
      Arab Voice, had apparently committed the very serious offense of telling
      the truth in public. He was jailed for saying that there were American
      bases in Jordan. To Western readers, this must seem incredible, as
      our media disclosed this months ago, and there has even been boasting
      about how U.S. Army Rangers based in Jordan have taken control of much
      of the desert of western Iraq. Apparently the monarchy's authorities
      have managed to keep this from the people of Jordan and were disconcerted
      taht Dr. Alloush told people about this scandalous collaboration by an
      Arab government with the invasion of Iraq.


      ================= Begin forwarded message =================

      Dear Kevin,

      Here's a message from Ibrahim frm yesterday.

      Today we got a note saying he went to his college to
      see if he still had a job. The students were
      demonstratig for his release. They hoisted him on
      their shoulders. He addressed them denouncing the
      Arab regimes, tails of US and Zionism, said that the
      Arabs need to strike US targets throughout the Arab
      homeland, and of course he brought up the US bases in

      He's not feeling too well physically either; may just
      need rest.

      I don't know how long he'll be out, but he's making
      the most of his freedom.

      Let's hope Bush with his war gives us the opportunity
      of getting rid of all the comprador regimes now!




      Dear Brothers and Sisters

      Thanks to you all for your fruitful efforts to release
      me and to
      release all those imprisoned in the jails of the
      Jordanian regime which
      finds itself today trapped in the dilemma of
      supporting the American
      aggression on Iraq which it wrongfully thought would
      succeed in a
      matter of days

      Dear Brothers and Sisters

      I've been arrested because I said there are American
      bases in Jordan
      taking part in the aggression against Iraq

      Interrogation focused on my declarations to that
      effect on BBC,
      Assabeel, and the Free Arab Voice

      I was told that I will be going back to jail very
      quickly if I said
      there ARE American bases in Jordan

      Thus, instead of sending letters to Jordanian
      embassies worldwide, we
      all need to insist that there are American bases in
      Jordan partaking in
      the aggression on Iraq

      That is what we need to concentrate on

      American bases in Jordan and their role in the
      aggression on Iraq is
      the point, not getting me released or anybody else

      That is what you can do to help

      I've spent one week in solitary confinement where I
      knew nothing of the
      world swirling around me

      I've only been able to see the face of the sky from a
      narrow whole in
      the roof of the jail cell into which I walked shackled
      and blindfolded

      I've only been released a few hours ago, but I don't
      want you to act in
      solidarity with me

      At this moment in particular I am neither Palestinian
      nor Jordanian,
      but Iraqi, from the head to the toes

      Had the aggression been perpetrated against
      Mauritania, I would have
      been a Mauritani just as much

      Don't get me wrong! I appreciate very much what you
      have done, what
      have said and what you have written on my behalf

      But i am really nothing compared to the militants who
      have given
      decades of their lives in Zionist jails and the jails
      of Arab regimes

      More importantly I am but a small drop in the sea of
      Iraqi resistance

      I beseech you to forget about me

      What is important now is to speak of American bases in

      So are you up to the challenge?!

      Just a quick message from jail cell number 66 of the
      Intelligence Division

      Ibrahim Alloush
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