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Re: [A z h a g i] Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) - 10.17 - Information

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  • hare krishna mani
    HARE KRISHNA HARI HARI BHOL 27 July 2012 FRIDAY KRSHNADHAM, OTTAWA, CANADA Hi! Vishy, It is since long we talked or written to each other. Glad to read
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      Hi!  Vishy,

      It is since long we talked or written to each other.  
      Glad to read today's mail and Lord Krishna has helped to ease all your tensions esp medical problems and you are now about to release new versions in your life

      Kee in touch with us  Perhaps you remember us

      Kindly convey to your father also  still I am using the song sent by him

      Our enquiries to your family

      Take care and continued to serve the janata

      May God Bless You

      yours affectionately

      hare krishna money
      (now my initiated name is hari namamrta dasa) ISKCON

      From: Viswanathan (a z h a g i . c o m) <noblehearted@...>
      To: azhagi yahoo group <azhagi@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 10:03:21 AM
      Subject: [A z h a g i] Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) - 10.17 - Information


      For the information of Azhagi+ users
      Current GPR (general public release) version of Azhagi+ is 10.17 (Released: May 23, 2012).
      Languages supported: All major Indian languages
      Please note that:

      a) Azhagi+ is portable (just 400kb, as of now, and you can use it from your pen-drive)
      b) You can type in MS-Word in WinXP even without enabling Unicode settings in regional languages screen.
      c) You can have any hotkey (in any combination of Alt/Ctl/Shift/Win modifiers).
      d) You can change existing key mappings for any LFK (Language+Font+Keyboard) combination (except 'Tamil+Unicode+PhoneticTransliteration').
      e) You can create an entirely new keyboard layout (LFK, as such) itself for processing by Azhagi+. i.e. user can create an entirely new keyboard layout consisting entirely of his/her own key mappings.
      f) Dynamic key mappings help is available for all LFKs (except 'Tamil+Unicode+PhoneticTransliteration').
      g) ALL keystroke sequences for TamilNet99 keyboard layout have been incorporated in Azhagi+ 10.17. To a tee, the TamilNet99 specifications have been incorporated in the "Tamil+Unicode+Tamilnet99" LFK. For more details, please see http://azhagi.com/multi-np.html. If you are a Tamilnet99 user, your opinions are welcome regarding what I have written/suggested in the aforesaid 'multi-np.html' page.

      For 'change history' (i.e. for information on key features added in 10.1, 10.2, ..., ..., upto 10.17), please see http://azhagi.com/sbetas. html#azplus-history at any time. 
      1) All key features and benefits of using Azhagi+ at:
      2) All operational instructions for Azhagi+ at:
      3) Differences (tabulated) between Azhagi+ and Azhagi at:
      4) Immense benefits of portable softwares at:
      Apart from the regular 'setp.exe' version, portable version of Azhagi+ (only around 400kb) is also available for download from here (azhagi.com/index.html#portableversion). If (and only if) you are conversant with portable softwares, then you can download and use Azhagi+ in portable mode too. Portable version of Azhagi+ is fully compatible with Win Vista/7 (and above). In WinXP also you can use the portable version, but with a limitation.
      Benefits of the portable version:
      • Just 394 Kb. 
      • No need to install. 
      • Unzip and run. That is it. 
      • Carry it in your pen-drive. 
      • Use it anywhere, any time...
      Help Tips: Many important questions answered at http://azhagi.com/helptips. html 
      Kind Regards

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