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Re: [AZ] Did a rain dance

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  • Warren Groomes
    I left my car windows open, hoping for a sprinkle here I Land O Lakes Florida only to be told by my helpful neighbors that I would attract snakes. I drove
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 1, 2007
      I left my car windows open, hoping for a sprinkle here I Land O' Lakes Florida only to be told by my helpful neighbors that I would attract snakes.  I drove for two days watching my feet!  We had two black snakes on our lanai.  Its snake season ugh.  Judy Groomes
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      Subject: Re: [AZ] Did a rain dance

      I just realized that I "created" rain once about 20 years ago - years before I took up gardening - so here's my (almost) infallable tip:
      Plan an outdoor event which cannot be moved indoors.
      Mine was a children's birthday party where I rented a pony for the children to take rides on. Well, I guess I need not explain any further the events of that day.

      Mike Creel <mikeacreel@yahoo. com> wrote:
      I guess one more of my way-out theories is proving
      itself somewhat true. Oh, the temptation is great to
      run out and cut off a sprinkler when a long-overdue
      rain show starts, but we MUST restrain ourselves.

      The sprinkler is not aligned with priming the pump to
      get water started. It may well the the pump or at
      least some sort of magnet. Things got so dry at my
      place I bought two of those big all-metal Rainbird
      sprinklers that cover 5800 square feet.

      With the good water pressure from my gravel-packed
      (10-inch hole) sand well, 121 feet deep with the
      submersible pump strainer set at 90 we get good water
      pressure, even during dry times, and good tasting

      But my water will eat up copper pipe, so I had my
      house replumbed (built in 1976) a few years ago by a
      salesman at the plumbing supply store where I was
      going to buy pipe to do it myself. I am glad I did
      not try replumbing, and the cost was quite reasonable,
      much better than regular commercial plumbers.

      Mike Creel, Lexington, SC
      If you want more rain plan a project outside where
      staying dry would be beneficial. And look out, or
      really don't look out.

      I have a cousin who out-dumbs fish and catches the
      most and biggest ones in places he has never fished
      before, even in backyard ponds thought to be
      uninhabited by finny critters. He can make a terrible
      cast, smoke a cigarette or untangle a backlash, and
      all heck will break loose at the end of his line with
      yet another lunker hooking itself.

      --- Joe Schild <azaleajoe@bellsouth .net> wrote:

      > Mike,
      > The is something really to you ideas, rain dance.
      > Yesterday afternoon about 4:30pm, I left a sprinkler
      > on to one of those beds out of reach of my normal
      > in-ground irrigation system. I came inside to take a
      > glass of tea and relax a bit when I was shakend by
      > the sound of thunder and within fifteen minutes it
      > started to rain. We ended up with nearly one inch
      > over the next hour. It was the first rain in over
      > four weeks. Well, so much for the later performance
      > of a rain dance in the dark.
      > Joe

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