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RE: [AZ] brown azalea flowers after blooming

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  • Dave Nanney
    Susan, We re over in Springfield, and have several plants which have persistent dried up blooms. I wouldn t waste the energy picking off the dead blooms. I
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      Susan, We’re over in Springfield, and have several plants which have persistent dried up blooms.  I wouldn’t waste the energy picking off the dead blooms.  I don’t think it matters to the plants, and in a couple of weeks, they will be gone so it won’t matter to you.  I am also in the No. Va. Chapter and we would enjoy you joining our group.  We’re planning a plant sale later in the year so drop Barry or us a note and we’ll let you know when the meeting is. 

      We have a number of dwarf azaleas named Gumpo azaleas which bloom later than most and maintain a desirable compact form.  I also have some which have grown to 10 feet + over  20 years.  The dwarfs I have landscaped close to my home and the big ones off in the wood line.  Each has a perfect place in the landscape.  Sounds like your previous owners had good taste. 

      I do agree with Barry that this drought has potential to be “challenging” to our plants.  The good news is that azaleas naturalize after the first couple of years in the ground so probably defend themselves better than most.  If you see them begin to droop, definitely start watering on a not too frequent basis as Barry described. 



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      Hi Susan,
      I live in Northern VA, too, and, if you live near me, south of
      Alexandria, we've had almost no rain in the last 6 weeks. Most other
      areas around Washington have had sufficient rain but I'm having to water
      a lot and I also have the worst problem I've ever had in having many
      bushes covered with flowers which have dried up and didn't reach
      maturity properly to get them to fall. Actually, some of my plants just
      got large buds and then quit as the drought keep them from getting the
      moisture they needed. I don't know if that situation fits, but you
      might start watering. Give them a deep soaking once a week (assuming
      that you aren't getting sufficient rains in the period) but no more.
      You might still want to pick off the dead blooms (which are shading the
      plant's leaves).
      By the way, we have an active club in Northern Virginia so get in
      touch with me if you're interested!

      Susan Mohr wrote:

      >this is from ASK US page, so please send me a CC.
      >I live in northern VA, near Washington, D.C., and my azalea flowers have
      pretty much already bloomed. While the blooms were very plentiful and a vivid, deep pink, they are now brown and sticking to the plant which make the overall appearance very unattractive. Is this normal?
      > Also, I notice I have very few green leaves on my azalea bushes - is this
      related or a different issue? My azalea bushes are in the sun a good part of the day (morning thru early afternoon) and appear to be a compact species as they have never grown above a foot tall in the 3 years I've lived here (they were here when I moved in).
      >I would appreciate any feedback on the nature of these plants and if my
      brown, spent blooms and the absence of leaves is normal, or in fact represents a problem.
      >Thank you,

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