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Fall setting of flower buds

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  • Harold Greer
    Bill Sweeney wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2003
      Bill Sweeney wrote:
      I doubt that it is true that fall-blooming azaleas set any new buds
      after flowering. I believe that flower buds for all Rhododendrons are
      set mid-summer when the days are long and the temperatures high. (I've
      noticed that if mid-summer days are dark, wet, and cool many fewer buds
      are set.)>>
      While many flower buds are set in the summer, and yes, cool dark days in summer may produce less bud set, there is NO question that buds are still being set in the late fall.  I have many plants that are still maturing growth and setting more buds now or even later.  Of course, how late this occurs depends on your climate.
      Harold Greer

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