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RE: [AZ] Weather in Washington State

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  • Harold Greer
    Hi Barry, If you live that close to DC you live in a WAR zone! You have more dangers than the weather! You are close to all of those politicians! And, yes I
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 31, 2006

      Hi Barry,


      If you live that close to DC you live in a WAR zone!  You have more dangers than the weather!  You are close to all of those politicians!  And, yes I think radioactivity must advance flowering!


      As to the Northwest, I have lived here for 56 years.  Yes, I remember the Columbus Day storm in 1962.  My most vivid memory of it was trying with my dad and some neighbors to save a 6” caliper tree from blowing over and down the street.  We had ropes tied to it and were holding on for dear life.  In the end, it blew out of the ground and down the street!   Then there was the December 1964 flood that washed out several highways and many homes.  At the time my sister lived in Holmes , CA , and had 8’ of water in her house!  I also remember the 1969 snow storm where we had 4’ (and yes that is feet) of snow in 48 hours.  Remember we I live is an area that gets 1” (and that is inch) of snow all winter.  Then there was the 1972 freeze when our record low was -12F, again remember most winters we don’t even reach the low twenty degree range.  It makes us know that nature is a stronger force than we are.  But, all of the extremely bad weather in the Northwest came before we ever heard of “global warming”!  Since someone invented the term “global warming”, the weather has been very quiet here.   The record events were ’62. ’64, ‘69’ and ’72.  In a ten year period we had the worst wind, flood, snow and cold ever recorded.  Keep up that “global warming”, if it exists, it has helped our weather.


      Happy New Year to all in 2007.


      Harold Greer

      Eugene, OR, current temperate at 9:00 PM is 38F and the Hamamelis are starting to flower




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      Hi All,
      Since the list is still a little slow I throw in my 2-cents to the
      discussion about weather extremes in various areas.
      I live 10-miles south of DC. No hurricanes, almost no tornados, no
      blizzards, no earthquakes, no wildfires. About as safe from natural
      disasters as you can get. Good for azaleas in the long run.
      Of course, that doesn't count man-made disasters, since, being close
      to DC, I'd be in the blast zone...does intense radioactivity delay or
      advance flowering?? :)

      Bob Dunning wrote:

      > I guess that the reason I don't remember Typhoon Freda or the
      > tornadoes is because I didn't move to this area until 1978.

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