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Re; Germination method of Azalea seeds

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  • Tadeusz Dauksza
    Linda; There are many ways that you can attempt to start germinating those seeds that you have collected in Virginia. The method that I personally use consists
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
       There are many ways that you can attempt to start germinating those seeds that you have collected in Virginia.
       The method that I personally use consists of using Plastic Containers (  at least 3 to 4 inches deep that have a lid that closes)   places such as Jewel Bake Shop (cookies) , Deli containers with lids, plastic food storage with a clear or translucent  lid, etc are what I use, including sometimes Styrofoam cups with clear lids.   I always make sure that these containers are cleaned/sterilized  with chlorine bleach, rinsed real good, and the  bottom of these containers have numerous holes--   using a nail or cordless drill to make some holes. 
        For the germinating mix ;  I use the fine residue from a Bag of Pine Bark Mulch (taking a Colander and shaking that until I obtain enough to fill those containers that I will use for seeds.
      To that Fine Pine Bark Residue I add  some Sphagnum Moss, by shredding /cutting that coarse stringy plant material. I do not use any Soil in my germinating mix. I then fill the plastic containers close to the closure snaps of the top lid.  I then soak until thorougly wet, I wait till next day and sprinkle the seeds--   I put  the lids/cover's on ,and place them under indirect light .  in about 3 to 4 weeks- little green monster's usually appear, sometimes longer. 
      It seems that the Fine Pine Bark Mulch residue and the Sphagnum Moss also help with that dreaded damping-off fungi and alllow sufficient "nourishment"  to those seedlings prior to Transplanting.
      and that covers my germination method. 
        Linda - another great method is a link to a pdf file  (I could not attach this -due to Yahoo group restriction of 1 Meg)   ---  Mike Creel way of Propagation, enjoy those words of wisdom from Mike, and I am sure that others on this great Azalea Group will chip in with their methods as well..
      Good Luck-  Tadeusz In Illinois.  temps going down into lower 30's tonight.

      linda foss <lbfoss@...> wrote:

      These questions are just what i have been wondering.  So thank you for answering each other.  I have gathered up 4 seed pods but was not certain when to try to start them.  I have an unheated garage (zone 7) but it has  nice windows for sunshine and usually doesn't freeze.  Should I start the azalea seeds in a paper towel in the kitchen window?   Or in peat pellets and on a warming blanket?? or under lights??  Or out in the garage?
      Or should I try the Wintersown method in a cut-in-half coke bottle and wait until Nature warms the seeds up in the early spring??  I am looking for a sure-fire success method.   What works best for you?

      I just want to try this out, as I am a hobby gardener but i love my azaleas and have been propigating them all summer by air layering, and ground layering  (had no luck with cuttings this year) and thought I might try to grow some from seeds.
      Thank you, Linda


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