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Re: [AZ] Soils, Was:azalea bug id?

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  • Doris Folsom
    Thank you, I saved your info, and appreciate your answer. I will check the ph. d ... Hi Doris, I changed the subject line since your comments didn t discuss
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
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      Thank you, I saved your info, and appreciate your answer.  I will check the ph.
      -------Original Message------- 
      Hi Doris,
          I changed the subject line since your comments didn't discuss an ID
      of bugs.
      Doris Folsom wrote:
      >We planted 16 Watchetts
      >around May.  They have bloomed lightly all summer.  We put good soil in
      >their holes, but our bottom soil is clay.  Now, please let me know if they
      >need fertilizer for spring growth?  Or is there anything else we should do
      >to keep them happy?  Thanks.
      If they look happy they ARE happy.  Some slow release fertilizer, like
      Hollytone, is good in the fall.
      >Doris Folsom
      >the azaleas are on
      >a terrace about 20-30 or so feet above the lake shore.
      Azaleas like good drainage and the terrace should provide that despite
      the fact that the clay underpinnings might back up a little on them.
      >  There is a concrete
      >retaining wall adjacent to the plants.  I wanted a horticultural barrier and
      >my son wanted a structural barrier.  I convinced him that these lovely
      >plants were the way to go.
      That one sets off alarm bells.  Azaleas are happy when the pH is in the
      5-6 range.  Closer to 7 is acceptable but the plants may not do as well
      (some minerals aren't as soluable at those levels).  Concrete has the
      potential to turn the soil basic and then the plants have real
      problems.  If you are convinced that the plants should be in the
      concrete-bordered bed then keep them as far as possible from the
      concrete and add some acidifiers (garden sulfur?).  Let us know how they
      are doing next year!
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