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  • Joe Schild
    We seem to have reprised this question from last year of loving Lichens or on the flip side, disliking them. When we first went through this discussion, I was
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      We seem to have reprised this question from last year of loving Lichens or on the flip side, disliking them. When we first went through this discussion, I was wrong in my assumption that lichens were a sure cause of limb death of native azaleas and their close kin. Since then I have done my homework and learned much about lichens, alga, and their relationship. I also learned about what substrates they will grow on, including the woody limbs and trunks of azaleas. I also learned that lichens will tend to grow on any surface that receives the right amount of light and moisture, rocks included. Did you know they will take minerals from rocks and over extended time reduce that rock to dirt?
      Without a microscope, my 10X hand lens had to do as I looked closely at the structures of lichens. By George, they are almost as interesting as mosses in the various structures one may see, but to me, not nearly so beautiful as the jewel like glands on the flower tube of a native azalea.
      With all this said, I guess it is mostly a personal choice as to keep lichens on ones azaleas or get rid of them. One man's treasure is anothers trash, I guess. It's like long flowing strands of green alga are very nice to see around a fresh water spring, but not so nice in a swiming pool. Or, it may be like the difference between a wildflower and a weed. I happen to side on the negative aspects of lichens for appearances and keep a can of PAM spray handy. A couple of applications and the lichens sluf off. It is also cheaper than the branded chemicals one might choose, and not as toxic in the environment.
      For more information on lichens, just type in the word to "Google" and spend the next month reading about them.
      Joe Schild-Hixson, TN USDA Zone 7a
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      lats spring i purchsed  a product to use in my vegetable garden and in reading the label i found it could be use to control lichens.
      the product "kop-r- spray" by "lilly miller".it contains 8% metallic copper.
      'i tried it and am pleased with the results.( requires several treatments.)
      i don't have a photo of before but the first attmt is a couple of limbs of the plant i treated.the sec photo is of the plant i plan to treat this spring and will follow up with an after photo this fall.
      maybe someone else has used this?
      the label also states it can be used to control "leaf gall".
      jim thornton   conyers.ga(atl)
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