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Re: [AZ] Dying azaleas in NTX [5 Attachments]

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  • William C. Miller III
    Hi Shawn, What is the pH of your soil? The pH should be 4.5 - 6.0. When you planted the azaleas, did you break up the root ball? Wilting means that the rate
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2013
      Hi Shawn,

      What is the pH of your soil?  The pH should be 4.5 - 6.0.  When you planted the azaleas, did you break up the root ball? 

      Wilting means that the rate of transpiration (water through the plant) is higher than the rate that the water is being replenished.  That often suggests root problems.  If the roots are damaged and the plant is wilting, adding more water won't help and will likely make things worse.

      Identify the best (healthiest looking) azalea from the group that you planted, dig it up, and examine the roots.  If the root ball is still in the shape of the pot that it came out of, then break up the root ball and replant it a little bit high since it will settle some.  Water it well initially, but avoid watering it too often.  Too much water or watering too frequently will damage the roots further.

      If your azalea is still wilting, consider cutting it back so that the roots don't have so much "top" to support.

      If this approach is successful, try it on the remaining azaleas in this group beginning with the next best looking one.

      William C. Miller III
      Bethesda, Maryland
      shawn pete wrote:

      I planted some encore azaleas early this spring. I did my research prepare the soil correctly and mixed pinebark andPete Moss to prepare the soil and plant them. They were groing and doing hreat than About 3 weeks ago I noticed one of them getting brown spots on The leaves and they started to wilt. I tried to baby it but it died/wilted. Then I noticed it happening to another one. They basically get brown spots start to Wilt and then die all with in about three weeks. I'm also using a Calloways azaleas food that you mix with water every ten days. Can you please tell me what might be going on before I lose all of them. I have attached pix to show you some that have died and others starting to die.
      Shawn Peterson
      Allen Tx

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