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Re: [AZ] occidentale

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  • Bob Dunning
    Hi Chris, I would consider Dick Cavender a better source for pollen from DD12. The plant I have came from him and is still small and does not bloom. I am not
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      Hi Chris,

      I would consider Dick Cavender a better source for pollen from DD12.  The plant I have came from him and is still small and does not bloom.  I am not certain that DD12 is tetraploid since Dick uses it in his breeding programs.  I know of no other candidate R. occidentale  tetraploids.  There again, Dick may know something. 

      Mike Oliver would be the leading biogeographer for R. occidentale, unless it is that California biologist, Hrusa.  In most other ways, Dick is the leading expert on R. occidentale.  Mike McCullough would have some important things to say.  I have a long stream of emails from Mike documenting his recent travels and memories.  I need to create a blog to post those messages, except that I am not certain the detailed plant locations should be released. 

      The Smith-Mossman garden at Lake Wilderness Arboretum is looking really good this year and still profusely blooming, quite late into the season.  I spend Wednesday mornings pruning and weeding at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.  I work with yet another burned out ex-president.  We don't talk.  We work.  Thursday mornings are in the nursery.  The weekends are for my own garden.

      The SM garden is good but it is not perfect.  Every year it seem like an important plant goes into decline.  So far I have managed to get a cutting or two, but small plants make me nervous.  R. occidentale lives a long time, but only when it lives a long time.  Still, almost every plant I have at home (from all across the plant kingdom) will someday end up at that arboretum.  It is a better investment than my own garden which will probably be bulldozed when I die. 

      The current website at Lake Wilderness Arboretum is just a place holder until something better is constructed.  We got hacked and the road back has been tedious and unpleasant.

      Some of Britt's and Frank's slides have been scanned and uploaded to http://smith-mossman.net (not yet hacked, I think).  I retire in 2014, so maybe I can start to get a few things done then.  There are several GB  of Britt's slides still to be uploaded.  There also are several GB of Frank's slides still to be scanned and uploaded. 

      I will go back to to my skulking now. 
      Bob Dunning

      On 6/18/2013 4:05 PM, Chris Klapwijk wrote:

      Hi Larry,

      a Bob Dunning was closely involved with the S-M collection at one time. He used to post to this group about a decade ago, haven't heard from him for years.

      Most of the S-M plants may be found here, http://www.lakewildernessarboretum.org/

      Chris Klapwijk
      Surrey BC

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      Does anyone know where I can find pollen of R. occidentale Smith-Mossman DD12
      or other tetraploid?


      Larry Wallace

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