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Re: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas

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  • mike_threeshot
    There is an agricultural grade that comes in pill/flake form (about the size of a St. Josephs heart healthy asprin). It is a longer term, less impact, but more
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      There is an agricultural grade that comes in pill/flake form (about the size of a St. Josephs heart healthy asprin).  It is a longer term, less impact, but more lasting effect.

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      Subject: Re: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas


      Mike and Harold ---  
       When we talk about sulfur , which sulfur are  we referring to ??
      I am trying not to  confuse sulfur as a soil acidifying agent with sulfur as a plant nutrient.  Most fertilizer sources of sulfur are in the sulfate form (SO4-2) which is readily available to plants, e.g., ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfate (gypsum), potassium sulfate, sul-po-mag, magnesium sulfate (epsom salts), etc. Sulfate sulfur is usually contained in mixed fertilizers. This form will not acidify soils. Elemental sulfur (a yellow powder), the form used for soil acidification, is not plant available until it is oxidized by soil bacteria to the sulfate form. This takes time - usually several weeks. Elemental sulfur ulfur is sometimes sold as "flowers of sulfur", or agricultural sulfur.
       Since  Kimberly's stated that no chemicals can be placed due to their water agency , thus let's look at some other means--
       How about using Alfalfa hay as a mulch or till this valuable crop around the azaleas,,  in a study done by Washington State,Oregon State ,Utah  scientists 
        they state in Table 1 how much lbs or what elements that Alfalfa removes per a ton bale--  what struck me is the 5-7 lbs of sulfur that might be available along with the other elements -- it seems that maybe we (ASA , or ARS) could look into using Alfalfa hay as  a mulch ---   what are your thoughts on this.
      Tadeusz -LM Chapter  ASA, finally we will have some respite from that 11 inches of snow which was dumped in 12  hours , come-on el-sol.
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      Subject: Re: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas
      Sulfur is harmless, shouldn't transport in the soil and would help immobilize a lot of cations in the ground water that you wouldn't want in the drinking supply.  You'd be doing them a favor applying sulfur.
      From: "William C. Miller III" <bill@...>To: azaleas@yahoogroups.comSent: Thursday, March 7, 2013 4:54:09 AMSubject: Re: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas 
      Tad, Harold, et al

      A little bit of background ---- they are sensitive about any chemical use since this is a major drinking water source for the the region.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triadelphia_Reservoir Bill
      Harold Greer wrote:
      You still need to add some sulfur and there is no reason it should pollute any drinking water supply.
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      Subject: Re: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas
      Peat Moss-
      Peat moss has a pH of 3.0 to 3.5.
       Please consider joining an organization real close to you Kimberly;
       Tadeusz-Lake Michigan Chapter ASA
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      Subject: [AZ] Pine Needles and Azaleas
      Hi, I work for a government agency that has a five acre azalea garden. In the fall of 2011, we planted 200 deciduous azaleas.  A number of the azaleas didn’t make it.  When I did a soil test, the soil’s pH was almost basic.   Since the azaleas are next to a drinking water reservoir, I can’t put any chemicals on the azaleas to lower the pH.   How effective would be using pine needles for mulch?
      (We couldn’t afford pine mulch.  But we have plenty of pine needles from trees on our landscaped areas near several of our office buildings.)

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