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Re: [AZ] What are the MOST shade tolerant varieties for southern loactions?

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  • William C. Miller III
    Hi Pamela, I don t see a problem --- sandy soil under a canopy of large oaks that permit filtered sunlight. Filtered sunlight will allow for lots of flower
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 20, 2012
      Hi Pamela,

      I don't see a problem --- sandy soil under a canopy of large oaks that permit filtered sunlight.  Filtered sunlight will allow for lots of flower production and the flowers will last longer than they would under full sun.

      Where do you buy your azaleas?  What do they offer locally?  That's the place to start.  Most  nurseries sell plants that are suitable for their region.  Rarely do they (pardon the expression) go out on a limb and try to sell something unsuitable.  

      Rather than give you a very long list of cultivar names of individual plants that you might not be able to find anyway, it is more useful to recommend hybrid groups --- any of the members of which would do well in Jacksonville.  On the evergreen side, the Southern Indian hybrids (also called Southern Indicas), the Glenn Dales, the Kurume hybrids, the Harris hybrids, the Pericat
      hybrids, the Robin Hill hybrids, and the Aromi hybrids would do well.  On the deciduous side, the Confederate Series and the Aromi hybrids would do well in your area.  Any nursery that sells azaleas should be able to identify the hybrid group to which they belong.

      I don't believe you will have any difficulty finding some of the Encore (R) hybrid azaleas.  They are evergreen, they try to bloom constantly, and they are sold almost everywhere.  They were developed in the South so they should do well in Jacksonville.  If you go to the Encore(R) Web site, I believe they have a locator page that will pinpoint nurseries that sell Encore(R) hybrids.

      William C. Miller III
      Bethesda, Maryland     Zone 7

      Pamela wrote:

      [this is from the ASK US page, so please send me a CC]

      I am writing from Jacksonville Florida and would like to plant azaleas
      in a bed on the north side of my home. The yard is under a canopy of
      very large Live Oaks, so light is limited to that which diffuses through
      it. The oaks also drop many leaves, so the soil is relatively acidic
      and sandy. Any advice would be appreciated. The information I have
      found on internet searches has been all over the place and just confused
      me further, with some sites saying deciduous and others saying
      evergreen, and most recommending varieties I could not find anyway.
      Thanks in advance!

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