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    Can t believe you know Ted Meredith. I have been to his place for the last 3 years to see his natives in bloom. This is wonderful. Hope they have moved into
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
      Can't believe you know Ted Meredith.  I have been to his place for the last 3 years to see his natives in bloom.  This is wonderful.  Hope they have moved into their new house by now. It was supposed to be ready by Thanksgiving but I haven't talked to them through the holidays.  When did you meet Ted?  He and Sandy are such kind people and have invited our Master Gardener group to tour the natives and provided lunch too.
      Deloris Smith
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      Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 8:18 PM
      Subject: [AZ] seed exchange

      The Azalea Chapter of ARS is conducting a seed exchange this year. We are pleased that several members are trying to propagate native azaleas and rhododendrons for the first time. We have far more seeds than we can use and we want to share them with anyone who is interested.  I have visited several native stands of azaleas and collected quite a few seeds.  Other chapter members have helped and contributed seed as well.   Below is a list of some of the remaining seeds and in some cases a link to the Georgia Native Plant Society website that features some photos of parent plants at the collection sites.  All seed are open pollinated. Please contact me by email and we can arrange a method of exchanging.  If you have some seeds that you would like to contribute please respond as well.  Please send to KGohring@... as I do not always check the yahoo mail as frequently as I should.  I have sown many of these and there seems to be good viability.
                                   Source                          Comments
      calendulaceum     Hall Co. GA             member Ted Meredith (native stand)
                                 Hooper Bald, NC      http://www.gnps.org/WAYAH5.HTM
                                 Wayah Bald, NC      http://www.gnps.org/WAYAH3.HTM
                                 Pickens Co, GA       member Francis Stewart's property
                                 White Co. GA          http://www.gnps.org/gaft6x.htm
                                 Union Co. GA          http://www.gnps.org/gaft3x.htm
      cumberlandense   Cobb Co. GA           member Walt Ligon (fluorescent orange)
      canescens           Pickens Co. GA       Francis Stewart (pure white)
                                 Cherokee Co. GA     Laurel Canyon (typical)
      arborescens         Pickens Co. GA       Sharp Top Mountain
      austrinum            Sevierville, TN           Plants from Vivian Abney
      eastmanii             Newberry, SC          Should be almost pure
      hybrid                  Cobb Co. GA           friend Lisa Betz (fragrant yellow)
                                 Cherokee Co. GA     canescens x flammeum
                                 White Co. Ga           calendulaceum x cumberlandense ?
      Ken Gohring, Marietta, GA zone 7b

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