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  • Caridad Torres
    Will azaleas be ok to plant in S. Florida (Miami, FL, 33196) My e-mail recreo1938@hotmail.com Thanks, Caridad Torres
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 21, 2012
      Will azaleas be ok to plant in S. Florida (Miami, FL, 33196)
      My e-mail recreo1938@...
      Caridad Torres
    • Steve Henning
      There is a fair amount of research on this. For starters read: AZALEAS AND RECLAIMED WATER
      Message 32 of 32 , Mar 17, 2013
        There is a fair amount of research on this.  For starters read:


        Steve Henning, zone 6, Reading, PA. USA

        --- In azaleas@yahoogroups.com, "John" <cmbi@...> wrote:
        > This is from the ask us page, so please send me a cc
        > Gentlemen/Ladies
        > At the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens, they are under an EPA and Water
        > Management District requirement to irrigate with treated wastewater. That
        > wastewater has way more than twice the amount of salt content as normal
        > water. I am told that azaleas aren't salt tolerant, and that irrigating them
        > with this water will kill them. My question is: How can we install and enjoy
        > azaleas under these conditions? Are there varieties of azaleas from the
        > hundreds of different kinds, that will tolerate the higher salt content of
        > this water, and its being sprayed on them from above?
        > We have wild azaleas on the property, but they are not under the irrigation
        > system. Our arboretum is only 4 years old. It encompasses 120 acres, and a
        > broad spectreum of diverse environments, from desert like, to swamp, with
        > running waters, and a large lake. The lake is so deeply set, however, that
        > installing azaleas right around the water is not feasible.
        > I would appreciate your advising me of any suggestions you might be able to
        > make to alleviate this problem.
        > Thank you very much,
        > John Swanger,volunteer
        > cmbi@...
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