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Glenn Dale Digital Photos on ASA Photo Gallery -- CD Available

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  • Krabill, Daniel
    About 3 months ago, the Azalean published an article written by me about my efforts in taking digital photos of the Glenn Dale azaleas. In the article, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2004
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          About 3 months ago, the Azalean published an article written by me about my efforts in taking digital photos of the Glenn Dale azaleas.  In the article, I indicated that I would be preparing a CD containing digital photos of Glenn Dale azaleas.  In September, I completed the CD and distributed them at a meeting of the Northern Virginia chapter of the ASA.  In November, I mailed about 10 more CDs to people who requested them after reading the Azalean article or who have been particularly helpful to be on this project.
          I sent one of the CDs to Bob Stelloh.  He has since condensed my jpg files, put them in proper format, and added them to the ASA's photo gallery.  They have been available for viewing for about one week.  Thank you, Bob.  They can be viewed at www.pbase.com/azaleasociety/glenndales.  Click on any picture to view a larger picture and brief description.  I am still making minor editorial changes in the wording, but the pictures will not be changing until after next year's blooming season, with the possible exception of two additions.
          The gallery includes pictures of what I hope are 370 of the 454 named Glenn Dale azaleas.  360 were taken by me during the years 2002 – 2004, 315 at my home and 45 elsewhere.  The remaining 10 were scanned byDon Hyatt from slides taken in earlier years by Jane Newman.  There are actually 372 photographs because I have included pictures of 2 different plants of each of 2 named Glenn Dales – Serenade and Cinnabar – as described in my Azalean article.  84 varieties are not included, because: they did not bloom for me, they bloomed but I did not get pictures, the pictures I took were of poor quality, the flowers might or might not be accurate (pure white rather than white with stripes or flakes, for example), the plants were clearly misnamed, or I have been unable to find the plant.
          Of the 370 varieties included, I list 26 as being of “questionable” accuracy.  Three of the 26 seem to be sports that have taken over and squeezed out the flowers meeting the Monograph 20 descriptions, for my plants and those of others.  There are 23 different reasons why I believe my plants of the other 23 questionable varieties may or may not be correctly named.
          Some of the remaining 344 Glenn Dales that I do not list as questionable are almost certainly misnamed, but I have no idea which ones.  There is no definitive source for pictures of the great majority of Glenn Dales.  The written descriptions in Monograph 20 are the most definitive source.  In many cases those descriptions are not sufficiently detailed or may differ somewhat from my results roughly 25 miles from Glenn Dale, particularly regarding blooming time.  This lack of a definitive source is one of the purposes of my effort, which is to provide a start toward a source of pictures of the 454 Glenn Dales, 50 years after the publishing of Monograph 20.
          These photos should be viewed as the first edition of a project that I plan to update in 2005 and 2006, and maybe later.  About a month ago as I reviewed the 370 photos, I concluded that at least half of the pictures should be replaced by better pictures.  Also, I plan to add as many as possible of the 84 varieties that are not included.
          Please let me know if you believe that any of the pictured flowers are misnamed.  One of my selfish purposes in sending this out is to get your help in making future editions more accurate.
          I would be happy to send a CD which includes all 372 photos to anyone on the list who wants one.  Please contact me at dkrabill@... for details.  Each photo appears twice one the CD -- in a file arranged alphabetically and in a file arranged by cross as identified in The Bell Book: A Companion to Monograph 20, by Miller and West.  The file by cross is arranged roughly by order of bloom except that certain related crosses are grouped together.
              Dan Krabill
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