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Re: [AZ] more azalea images

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  • Jim Trumbly
    Mike For what it is worth the translation of the information on Zuio is: Parentage: Sport of Shozui (round leaf) Flower: Shape; Thick and roundish lobes,
    Message 1 of 22 , Sep 30, 2004

      For what it is worth the translation of the information on 'Zuio' is:

      Parentage: Sport of 'Shozui' (round leaf)
      Flower: Shape; Thick and roundish lobes, large blossom (7.1 - 10 cm). Color
      and pattern: Minor pinkish purple variegation on white base. Jewel border
      (aka. 'fukurin'), some solid white.
      Leaves: Large roundish leaves.
      Plant Characteristics: Hardy and thick branching.
      Key Points in Culture: Trunk grows thich relatively quickly so shape it by
      wiring early while the tree is still young.

      I have about 10 small plants of 'Zuio' that I grew from cuttings collected
      in 2000 at either McCrillis or the US Arboretum. Phil Normandy helped me at
      McCrillis and Barbara Bullock at USA. I will go back through my records if
      you want me to, or you could ask Barbara if she has it in the collection.
      Good luck.

      Do you have a list of the tetraploid satsuki? I heard or read somewhere
      that they typically have flowers with more substance (thicker petals) and
      may bloom longer. I have suspected that some satsuki may be tetraploid but
      I have no way of knowing. There is a satsuki cultivar 'Suisen' that may be
      worth checking into if you don't already have it. It is white with some
      pink variegation and has very thick waxy petals. It is a vigorous grower
      and tends to be more resistent to petal blight in my experience. It is also
      one of the most popular parents in developing new cultivars in Japan in the
      last 10 to 15 years.

      Jim Trumbly
      Roseville, CA Zone 8

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      > I am using white tetraploid Satsuki azaleas as pollen
      > sources to pollinate yellow deciduous azaleas. Most
      > sought but not acquired yet is one named Zuio on page
      > 429 of my book. I wish I could read the Zuio
      > write-up. It was recommended to me by a Japanese
      > azalea authority as the one to use in my breeding.
      > Mike Creel, Lexington, SC Zone 8a
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