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9700Re: [AZ] Identification of 48 year old Azalea plant [this is from the ASK US page, so please send me a CC]

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  • William C. Miller III
    Apr 1, 2008
      Hi Lorraine,

      I think your azalea is 'Magnificum'.   See the image at:


      Ensure that planting near the sewage drain line isn't too wet.  Azaleas are intolerant of wet feet, and the azalea roots will rot.

      William C. Miller III
      Bethesda, Maryland

      L. Wissler wrote:
      Hello Azalea Society,
      I am desperately looking to replace a plant that was removed due to a new sewage drain - plumbers threw out the plant not saving the root ball & stump for me - and I would like to identify the type of Azalea.
      Please look at the attached picture & let me know which one I have.  I am based in Northern California near the San Francisco bay.  My weather is / has been moderate climate - hoovering in the high 60's low 70's most of the 48 years the Azaleas have been in my yard.  My Azalea's (5 originally) were planted by the original owners of the house in 1960.  I would love to plant the fifth back where it belongs and or just off to the side as to not grow around the sewage drain line.  IF you know of OnLine growers that sell this one then please let me know this too.
      I hope you are able to help.  Thank you in advance, Lorraine
      L. Wissler
      lwissler@yahoo. com

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