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9518Re: [AZ] Double Deciduous Azaleas

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  • Bob Stelloh
    Mar 1, 2008

      I can't answer your questions, but I can point you to a number of
      pictures of double deciduous azaleas -- go to
      http://www.pbase.com/azaleasociety and type "double" into the search
      box to see a bunch of hits.

      Also, Allen Cantrell from SC <racantrell@...> is into"odd"
      deciduous azaleas and might know about good seed parents for doubles.


      At 12:22 PM -0400 on 3/1/08, Bruce Clyburn wrote
      I was browsing a bit this morning and located the attached snap from
      an album posted by a lady. It was the only plant photo of many from a
      holiday tour, I'm sure she didn't recognize the uniqueness of the
      plant she captured. A double deciduous azalea. Has anybody pursued
      this line of hybridizing? I know the late Al Smith of the
      Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario of Guelph University,
      Vineland Ontario carried out a line of these crosses.He used R.
      Chelsea Reach (a double Knaphill) as the seed parent. Some other
      folks have used R. Homebush (Knaphill double also) ... photo is
      attached is my Homebush.

      Can anyone put a name on the azalea in this photo?
      Has anyone done similar crosses?
      Anybody suggest good seed parents that throw doubles, like R. Chelsea
      Reach and R. Homebush?

      Bruce Clyburn
      New Waterford, NS
      Canada, zone 6a
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