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9464Re: [AZ] Attending ASA National Meetings

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  • Bob Stelloh
    Feb 21, 2008
      I think you were very eloquent, Bill, and I thank you for your
      inspiring message. If you've been to a convention before you know
      what Bill said is all true. If you haven't been, it 's hard to
      imagine how much fun it is.

      Here are a few facts to urge every would-be attendee to go ahead and
      fill out your registration form NOW and mail it to me.

      "first-28-only tours" -
      - the Friday tour to Pilot Mountain* to see R. vaseyi in the wild now
      has 23 signups
      - the Saturday tour to Pilot Mountain* now has 3 signups
      - the Sunday tour to Southern Highlands Reserve now has 20 signups

      registration dates -
      -your registration date is the postmark date or the PayPal receipt date
      - if you register by March 1 the early registration fee is $40
      - from March 2 to April 1 the regular registration fee of $55 applies
      - we have to order and schedules the tour buses on April 1, so after
      that you *might* be able to still register if we have space on the
      buses, and the late registration fee is $80

      bottom line?
      - register by the end of next week -- and save yourself enough money
      to buy a convention t-shirt and/or some plants at the plant sale

      Bob Stelloh, 2008 Convention Registrar
      65 Sierra Drive
      Hendersonville NC 28739
      *To tie it all together, follow this link
      <http://www.pbase.com/image/1122600> to see a picture of Augie Kehr
      enjoying the view on Pilot Mountain back in 1981 -- the same view you
      can see 27 years later!

      At 8:26 AM -0500 on 2/1/08, William C. Miller III wrote
      >I lack the eloquence to adequately convey to you the importance and the
      >benefit of attending ASA National Meetings. Hosting a national meeting
      >is a resource and time consuming commitment, but one which is personally
      >satisfying on the sponsoring side as well as the attendee side. In many
      >cases, it is the primary opportunity that one has to see old friends
      >from all over the country who you otherwise cannot keep track of. The
      >ASA National meeting provides the opportunity to meet new friends, to
      >renew old friendships, to hear interesting speakers, to see world class
      >gardens, to get garden design ideas for potential implementation back
      >home, and to acquire rare, unusual, or new azalea introductions
      >unavailable elsewhere. The learning opportunities abound. Invariably,
      >the person next to you is an expert on something that you desire to
      >learn how to do better.
      >The level of hospitality is always high and covers the full spectrum of
      >a small core group of high motivated individuals to, in some cases, a
      >vast community wide effort (see the attached image), which demonstrates
      >that everyone can be part of the plan. The attached image depicts two
      >of the Tyler, TX, locals who turned out to do their part to greet
      >attendees at the 2007 ASA National Meeting in Nacogdoches.
      >The 2008 ASA National Meeting will be May 2-4, 2008 in Asheville, NC.
      >Complete information is available on-line at:
      >and details were also published in the Winter 2007 AZALEAN (Vol. 29, No. 4).
      >Do yourself a favor and plan to attend the 2008 ASA National Meeting in
      >Asheville. Be good to yourself. You deserve it.
      >Bill Miller
      >Bethesda, Maryland
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