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8866Re: [AZ] selecting nd growing azaleas

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  • John Brown
    Nov 4, 2007
      Nobody else has commented so I will.  Jim, you and your group, heavyweights all,  have done a fantastic thing.  This is the sort of public service that will keep the Azalea Society alive and thriving.  Your CD was great; this is better.  I hope that Bob Stelloh and John Perkins will both put a prominent link on their sites to your information.
      John Brown

      James Thornton wrote:

      it's here and on line! the uga extentsion ofc publication" selecting and growing azaleas".this is a booklet by the uga in cooperation with the oconee chapter of the azalea society of america.
      it is a modification of the cd ,by the same name, that was created several years ago by the uga and the oconee chapter and still  available for sale .
      info re: the cd or comments re: the booklet ,pls e-mail me at : jimpatsy@comcast. net
      jim thornton

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