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8347Re: [AZ] azalea question

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  • Warren Groomes
    Jul 1, 2007
      We live in Land O'Lakes Florida and have found that azaleas here benefit from amended soil, that is dig a hole larger and deeper that the original root mass.  Fill the hole with a good organic material such as fine pine mulch, replant, make sure the roots are not compact and root bound.  Land O' Lakes is north of Tampa so I hope this helps.  J. Groomes
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      Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 10:02 AM
      Subject: [AZ] azalea question

      I planted a azalea in my garden that is from my mother's funeral so it is very sentimental.  That was in February 2007.  It gets part sun and part shade.  I didnt know that its not necessary to fertilize azaleas and I put fertilizer in the soil.  The azalea has never done well and the leaves are yellow.  I dug it up about 4 inches around the diameter to refertilize because I thought it needed more and the other fertilizer is little blue balls.  I think I may be killing it with kindness.  I live in Florida and water it every day because it is so dry here. 
      Can you help me save my azalea, please?
      Diane Clark ( csodclark@hotmail. com )

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