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826Re: [AZ] California wild azaleas

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  • Lisa Naugle
    Jul 2, 2004
      Thanks, Rich! I'll try to schedule a trip to these sites :)


      >The Stagecoach Hills Azalea State Reserve in Humbolt Co. (northern)
      >California has undoubtedly the best stand of R. occidentale
      >(http://www.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=420 ), but some do
      >occur as far south as San Diego Co. (I'm not sure exactly where.)
      >The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has a good collection of R.
      >macrophyllum and R. occidentale in the Redwood section. If you are
      >interested in wildflowers in general, the poppy displays at Figueroa
      >Mtn. (near Santa Ynez) and the Antelope Valley Ca. Poppy Preserve
      >(near Gorman) are spectacular during April in good years, as are the
      >desert wildflowers in Anza-Borego state park.
      >Rich Dodson (Ojai, CA. zone 9)
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