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6525RE: [AZ] Carrying Cool Cuttings

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  • Joe Schild
    Nov 1, 2006
      The specs you give make the loaded package rate within the weight limits I was looking for. I have re-thought several things concerning packs and such. From experience I learned to not place my cameras inside my day pack with the frozen chemical blocks for that situation causes lens fog. I did buy a shutter bug vest with a number of pockets to carry film, filters, and other things along and all my cameras are carried with neck straps or in the day pack side pockets. Yeah, I still use film type cameras when needed, but my digital is slowly taking over that chore. As for taking along cameras on a cutting or seed collecting trip, I tend to be an opportunist photographer and do like to document where, when, and how I do things.
      Thanks for the information.
      Joe Schild-Hixson, TN USDA Zone 7a
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      Sent: 10/31/2006 7:35:58 PM
      Subject: RE: [AZ] Carrying Cool Cuttings

      Well I have already unloaded the bag, stuck all the
      cuttings from the boxes and stuck the chemical ice
      back into freezer. Empty the cooler bag I used weighs
      less than a pound. Loaded with 3 chemical ice packs,
      several plastic boxes and cuttings I would estimate
      that it was 4 pounds or less. It did not feel near a
      5 pound bag of sugar.

      The bag has only one adjustable shoulder strap with a
      comfort pad, and it came with a canned drink holder,
      which I removed. I feel pretty sure it could be
      easily rigged as a back back. I did buy a zip-closing
      backpack model at KMart, but quickly returned it
      because the main zipper was stuck and it was the last
      one. I like the second one better because it is
      velcro closing and has a semi-rigid internal box.

      The main weight is the chemical ice, which could be
      greatly lightened for field use by pre-cooling or
      freezing the bag's internal box and all the boxes for
      cuttings. A variety of flexible cooler bags would
      work well to hold the rigid plastic cutting boxes. In
      the larger cutting boxes you can fit and separate 3 or
      more varities by trimming leaves in half and grouping
      varieties with something like a rubber band and pencil
      writable tag. I think the principle of this idea is
      sound. I have already used it once on a four day trip
      for cutting collection, transport and storage.
      Mike Creel, Lexington, SC

      --- Joe Schild <azaleajoe@mindsprin g.com> wrote:

      > Mike,
      > The method you describe and show in the pics, is
      > intriguing. My questions for you are: 1. Loaded as
      > shown, how much does the total package weigh? 2.
      > Does the carry case have back pack straps or
      > handles?
      > The reasons for my questions are simple. If I am
      > hiking 5 miles or so with a day pack to carry water,
      > food, cameras, and other such items, how much more
      > will the cool case add to the burden? Some time ago,
      > I decided to forego the 'pack mule' look and use the
      > day pack for just the necessities. For keeping the
      > bagged cuttings cool, I use one of the chemical
      > freezer packs and wrap it in a heavy towel in the
      > bottom of the day pack with my other stuff on top,
      > except the cameras which fit nicely in the side
      > pouches accessable from outside the day pack. Once
      > back at my vehicle, I transfer the cuttings to a
      > cooler. Hiking into some rough terrain is difficult
      > at times with too much carry along stuff that hangs
      > on limbs or vines. With just the day pack, it allows
      > me to climb or boulder hop without the problems and
      > to use my hiking stick for ballance and prodding
      > away 'old slither and hiss'. Your concept of using
      > the small storage plastic boxes is great and I will
      > give that a try instead of the bags.
      > Joe Schild-Hixson, TN USDA Zone 7a
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      > http://www.azaleas. org

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